Monstrous Emotions Printable- Simple Emotions Activity for Kids

It happened again. My toddler got angry. I mean, really, really, angry. She dropped her ice cream on the pavement and it splattered across her toes. Within a second, she took a deep breathe and let out the most monstrous scream. You know, I don’t really blame her either. Ice cream is pretty serious business in this house. I could have told her to get over it. I could have told her to stop crying. Instead, I let her feel her monstrous emotions and waited. Surprisingly, because we have been doing many simple emotions activities for kids, including this fun monstrous emotions printable, she was able to regain her composure, take a deep breathe and tell me just how she was feeling, allowing us to make a plan together to solve the problem.

Monster Emotions Simple Emotions Activity

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Have you had some Monstrous Emotions at home lately? And are now looking for a simple craft activity that will help you and your little one to “tackle the beast”?

Well, then here is another cute and Simple Emotions Activity for Kids for you to create with your little one to help you to engage and discuss your and his/her feelings the fun way: Little Monsters Feel, Too!

This cute Monstrous Emotions Coloring Papercraft is easy to make and it is a craft to engage with your little one. You’ll have about +/- 15 Minutes of crafting plus endless hours of coloring, play and storytelling with your little one. Have your little one help you with coloring and attaching the flaps to the little monsters. The cutting might be left to you! ?

How to Make This Simple Monstrous Emotions Activity for Kids

You will need:

Print off the FREE Monstrous Emotions Bundle Pack , cut out the flaps, pre-fold the flaps a little and attach them to the monsters printable. Color and chat about emotions!

Step by Step Picture Tutorial for Monstrous Emotions

Cut out the flaps…

Monster Emotions Simple Emotions Activity

Pre-fold the flaps…

Monster Emotions Simple Emotions Activity

Put glue or double sided tape on to the flap…

Monster Emotions Simple Emotions Activity

Attach to designated area on Monster Coloring Page…

Monster Emotions Printable Activity

And finally…color!

Monster Emotions Printable Activity

Enjoy and hope these Little Monsters will help you and your little ones along this emotional journey.

The FREE printable pack comes with 2 Awesome Pages of Emotion Activities:
3 Emotional Monsters (Happy, Surprised, Confused)
1 Blank Emotional Monster Base
3 Blank Emotional MonsterFacial Expression Flaps
3 Extra Emotional Monster Facial Expression Flaps (Sad, Angry, Silly)

Click to download

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Teaching Kids about BIG Emotions

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  1. goretti

    Thank you for these emotions downloads, as I am an Italian language teacher, I will be adding a short sentence in Italian describing each … io sono triste (I am sad etc)

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  6. This free printable is great for kids to use daily stick up your current emotion on this lego man printable , and complete the “Today I feel…” image.

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  9. This is a great idea. As my son like to do craft activities & he likes these monster cartoon. I’m sure that he would love doing this activity.

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