Super Simple Calming Weighted Lap Pad for the Kid that Can’t Sit Still

Stop the presses. Hold the phone. I am so excited about this DIY Sensory Hack that I can’t hold it in any longer. A few months ago, I saw these sensational pillows that were taking the internet by storm. They changed colors as you swiped them and all I could do was wish I had one in my hands NOW. After a long long wait, I not only have one in my hands, but I’ve turned it into this super simple calming weighted lap pad that is AH-MAZE-ING! Did I say it’s NO-SEW?

No Sew Weighted Lap Pad- Perfect for Calming Anxiety and Sensory Input

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If you can’t tell, I am a bit excited about this project. You see, I’ve been working extremely hard in the background on my new book that comes out next August and I haven’t been creating as much publicly. When this idea came to me, I laughed out loud. It’s a mix between a few different ideas that are common but together they are unbelievable.

What You Need to Make Your No-Sew Weighted Lap Pad

What you need for No Sew Weighted Lap Pad

Sandwich or Snack-Sized Ziplock Bags
Glass Pebbles or Rocks (you can use rice or pellets too)
Duct Tape
One Old Dish Towel
One Color Changing Mermaid Pillowcase

Optional: Calming Essential Oils (We have a really great deal on them here)

How to Make Your No-Sew Weighted Lap Pad

Making your no-sew weighted blanket is easier than sewing on a lost button. You don’t have to have a single crafty bone in your body!!!

Simply, start by measuring out enough rocks or rice to match 10% of your child’s body weight. Example, my child is 75 pounds, so he needs a lap pad that is 7.5 pounds of pebbles. We get ours at the dollar store and use the pebbles because it takes less of them than it does with rice. In my new book coming out, I have a fun lap pad that uses rice but it is different than this one in a few other ways too.

Next, divide your gems or rocks evenly between 8 to 10 bags and roll the bags to remove all of the air. Cover each bag with duct tape so that the rocks can’t escape later.

After you have all your bags filled, tape them all together in the shape of your pillowcase (square). We used a criss cross to tape all of ours together.

Lay your taped bags on top of your towel and fold the towel over. Finish it off by taping the sides of your towel closed.

Finally, slide your weighted towel into your pillowcase and you are ready to go!!!!

DIY No-Sew Weighted Blanket

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  6. Love this idea and I appreciate you putting in the info about making it weigh 10% of the child’s weight– I didn’t know that helpful hint! THANKS 🙂

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  9. Love this! Dayna, can I share your blog, Sensory Processing 101 book, and generally tout your awesomeness on my preschool website and Facebook page? I think EVERY classroom should have a copy of Sensory Processing 101! I use it like a reference book and have asked several of the parents in my program to read it. If I could afford it I would buy them each one as an end of year gift. It is just AWESOME!

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  14. Janet Dewling

    Where would you get the pillow cases?

  15. Olivia

    When you say you used a cross cross, what exactly do you mean? I’m confused As to how to layer these bags and which way to fold over.

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