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Welcome back for day 4 of simple sensory play with ice! So far we have shared a tactile ice bin vestibular ice tossand a scented ice lab. Today we will share proprioceptive play ideas  you can try today! Sensory play is such an important part of early childhood. Not only can it be vital in speech, language, and cognitive development, it also plays a key role in helping children organize their world and allows them to integrate the input to develop a healthy sensory system. That is why I am excited to part of the Sensory Play Blog Hop, hosted by my new favorite blog, Sensory Activities for Kids. My goal is to bring you simple sensory play by using the same material throughout the whole series.  One material for 7 activities engaging 7 sensory systems.

Proprioceptive Simple Sensory Play


Sensory System:


Benefits of Proprioceptive Sensory Play

The proprioceptive sense is responsible for  a child’s sense of body awareness and position. Our bodies interpret input with this sense through our muscles, joints, and ligaments making this system responsible for helping us move through space and move our body effectively. Proprioception is directly related to a child’s ability to plan and coordinate body movements, gauge appropriate pressure, control their muscles, and maintain appropriate posture. It is directly linked to a child’s sense of security, self esteem and emotional well being.

Proprioceptive play provides opportunities for a child to build strength, gain control and learn to plan and execute their muscles. Proprioceptive sensory play is a great organizer of all the senses. It restores balance as it increases alertness and decreases anxiety. It brings a child up when their down and down when they’re way up. It is the safest of all input, so, when in doubt, choose “Proprioception”.

Proprioceptive play is the foundation for tasks such as skills such as proper posture, attentiveness, reading, and proper pencil grasp.

Summer Heavy Work Ice

Materials Needed for this Simple Sensory Play

Ice chest (or large container)

Optional Materials

Buckets (we love our numbered buckets from Melissa and Doug)
Cup or Scoop

Instructions for this Simple Proprioceptive Sensory Play

Setup for this play idea is simple and easy. We used two bags of ice to fill our large ice chest. {This was proprioceptive play in itself and the kids really enjoyed carrying, lifting and pouring the bags into the chest for me. }

Ice Push Sensory Fun

Along our sidewalk, we placed 4 pails along the path at varying distances and on opposite sides of the sidewalk (to encourage motor planning).

Icy Summer Sensory Play

This proprioceptive game is simple to play. Starting at one end of the sidewalk, your child will push the ice bin to each bucket, use a cup to fill the bucket with ice and then move to the next pail. {Repeat until all the buckets have been filled}

Simple Sensory Play Ice Pull

Once your child gets to the end, it’s time to turn around. This time pulling the ice chest. If you do not have a chest with handles like we do, you can have your child simply push on the way back.

On the way back, have your child pick up the filled buckets of ice from before and dump them in the ice chest. This encourages them to work faster so the ice in the pails doesn’t melt.

Sensory Play Ice Dump

This game can be played solo or as a race if you have children that can handle competition well. My boys tend to prefer playing against themselves by using a timer to beat their best time. They played this game over an over throughout the day.

It is a great game for quick arousal on a hot summer day. The proprioceptive and vestibular input will help calm and center your child, allowing them to be open and receptive to other tasks.

Did you know sensory play could be so easy and so beneficial? It doesn’t have to take expensive materials and complex plans to make it work.

 simple sensory play ice series

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