Simple Toddler Fall Art | Pumpkin Tracing

Sometimes the best activities are the simplest ones. This simple toddler fall art idea came to me by accident one day after we were using our pumpkins for a fun toddler science experiment. After drying off the mini pumpkins, we had a quick round of pumpkin tracing .

Toddler Fall Art Pumpkin Tracing

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Simple Toddler Fall Art | Pumpkin Tracing

What You Need for Pumpkin Tracing

You don’t need much for this simple toddler fall art activity. All you need are mini pumpkins, your favorite markers and paper.

Of course, then all you need is a little toddler ready and willing to draw and trace for the most beautiful fall art you will ever see.

Simple Toddler Fall Art

How to Do Pumpkin Tracing with Toddlers

I have to admit, I was quite surprised to see just how lovely these drawings turned out. I couldn’t stop my little one from tracing around the pumpkins and strengthening those little hand muscles.

Toddler Pumpkin Tracing

I had to hold the pumpkins for my little one while she circled the pumpkins but she loved the bumpy circles that were created from this fun activity.

When we finished this art activity we read some of our favorite fall pumpkin books.

We have been quite in love with pumpkin activities lately. You might want to try some out with your curious toddler too.

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