Simple Toddler Science | Fizzing Pumpkin Patches

Welcome back for another STEM Saturday! I can’t tell you just how excited I am to be back doing science and sharing it here with you! This year, in homeschool, we have a toddler on our hands which means we are doing lots of fun toddler activities to keep her busy! This week we did some awesome fizzing pumpkin patches!

Simple Toddler Science Fizzy Pumpkin Patch

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Fizzing Pumpkin Patch Simple Toddler Science Experiment

This science exploration is one of my favorite activities to do with my kids. It is simple to set up and provides so much awe and excitement in the kids. I know I said this is for toddlers, but all of my children truly love this simple science exploration.

Toddler Fizzing Science

Setting up the Experiment


Baking Soda
Dish Soap
Food Coloring {Green}

Shallow Container
Squeeze Bottles
Small Pumpkins

Set Up:

In the shallow dish, place small drops of dish soap a few inches apart. Then place tiny drops of food coloring in each drop. Cover the tray with the baking soda until you can’t see the drops any more.

Fill the squeeze bottles halfway with vinegar and you are ready to go. With each squirt your toddler will be amazed at the fizz.

Fizzing Science for toddlers

Conducting the Experiment

Now the fun begins! Every time your little ones squeeze the bubbles will continue. The most exciting part for them is when they discover the “vines and patch” when the green comes through. This is a great time to add in the small pumpkins to make it really look like a pumpkin patch.

toddler science experiment with pumpkins

Making Observations and Noticing

When doing science with toddlers, it is great to ask open ended questions and ask your toddler to talk about what they are discovering.

Toddler halloween Science Experiments

You will notice that the fizzing comes to a stop at some point, but the fun is not over. Encourage them to squeeze in the tray to get the liquid back up and cover the pumpkin. We talked about reactions, colors, changes, and so many other awesome discoveries.

Toddler Pumpkin Science

Plus, watching her face was pretty much the best I could have asked for! We can’t wait to do it again later this week!

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10 thoughts on “Simple Toddler Science | Fizzing Pumpkin Patches”

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  2. I LOVE her smile!! You can tell she’s having the time of her life! And getting great fine motor exercise too! 🙂

  3. Christina

    Love this activity! Quick to set up and a hit with my son. He loves science experiments

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