Simple Toilet Paper Absorbency Experiments for Kids

It seems that everyone has “their” brand of toilet paper. Every time they go to the store they pick up the same brand they always do. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered which toilet paper has the best absorbency? For us, every single time we have toilet paper needs, we always reach for the one with the bears. We’ve partnered with Charmin to put our toilet paper to the test! These simple toilet paper absorbency experiments for kids will show you exactly why we love our toilet paper the most!

Super Simple Science Toilet Paper Absorbency

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I can’t quite show you the toilet paper after we have “used” it, so this is the easiest way to share why we love Charmin so much.

Simple Toilet Paper Absorbency Experiments for Kids

Setting up the Strength Toilet Paper Absorbency Experiment

Toilet Paper Experiment SetupMaterials:

Store Brand Toilet Paper
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
3 Jars
3 Small water cups
3 Small Rubber Bands

Using just a few squares of your toilet paper, cover the top of your jars and use the rubber band to hold the toilet paper in place.

Toilet Paper Set #2

Next pour your water through the top of each of your jars (through the toilet paper). We started to notice a difference already in our toilet papers.

Toilet Paper Absorption Experiments

Now, add one penny at a time to each of the jars. Add one to each one before starting over. Do this over and over until your toilet paper breaks. (This is a really good example of how your toilet paper will hold up to your fingers…you want STRONG).

Toilet Paper Science Experiment

The store brand did not hold up very long. In fact, both Charmin toilet papers were very similar (both holding around 16 pennies).

Which toilet paper is the most absorbent

So, can you see why we choose Charmin as our toilet paper? No, not yet? Okay… let’s try another fun experiment. I will warn you… my son called the next one “inappropriate” when I explained what we would be doing.

Setting up the Thickness Toilet Paper Absorbency Experiment

Toilet Paper Science Experiments


Store Brand Toilet Paper
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
3 Small water cups
Blue Food Coloring

Start by dying your water blue (or any color really… my son refused to do yellow). This will let you see your results easier.

Toilet Paper Thickness Test

Next, wipe. Yes… wipe. I told you my son thought this was a little much, but he still giggled through the entire science experiment. Dip your finger in the blue water and wipe with one swipe across the top of the toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Thickness Experiment

Now, find an open area to roll out your toilet paper until there is no more evidence of the “wetness”. Look how far we had to go with our store brand!!! This is how much you would have to use to NOT GET YOUR HANDS WET! YUCK!

Which Toilet Paper is the Thickest

Once again, the Charmin toilet paper was a clear winner! Both the Ultra Soft and the Ultra Strong came in close runnings. I don’t want to give away the winning toilet paper! Instead, I want you to try this on your own!

I can tell you that Charmin Ultra Strong has 4x the strength* so you can feel your cleanest self and as America’s softest bath tissue, Charmin Ultra Soft is so cushiony and absorbent you can use up to 4x less*.

Charmin isn’t just good for science experiments. In fact, it is the toilet paper we trust most in our home. I can’t remember buying a different brand as long as I’ve bought my own toilet paper. I know that sounds silly, but after seeing this science experiment, I am reminded why I love it so much! It’s pure science… not to mention, SOFT!

Simple science for Kids Absorbency Experiments

Now, I want you to put your brand of toilet paper to the test against Charmin Ultra Strong or Charmin Ultra Soft! Of course, I want you to test it in your bathrooms, but if you want to share the results in a scientific way, I think you will love these simple absorbency science experiments!

Do you have a favorite Summer Science Experiment? I would love to know! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram . I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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