Irresistible Lemon Lime Trail Mix

Every time I tell someone the name of my blog, they always assume we have awesome Lemon Lime activities and recipes. While I do love lemons and limes in my foods and drinks, I rarely share them here. However, since we have been on such a trail mix kick lately, I thought it would be fun do do a twist on a classic puppy chow mix – a Lemon Lime Trail Mix!
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This is a bright and zesty trail mix that hits that perfect balance between sweet and sour, with a surprising after-effect that kids will love: it dyes the unsuspecting eater’s mouth green!

The green effect is only temporary (a couple minutes), but it’s a fun party food and the kids had so much fun making funny faces with their green smiles after eating this lemon lime trail mix.

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How to Make a Lemon Lime Chex Mix

First, gather your ingredients:

Melt the candy melts with the shortening in a microwave dish for 20-second bursts, stirring thoroughly in between each heating. Set aside.

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Sprinkle the powdered sugar on the Chex cereal and stir to coat. You can add an optional Tablespoon of lemon or lime juice to help the powdered sugar stick to the cereal, but I didn’t find that necessary.

how to make lemon lime trail mix

Next, sprinkle on the Lemon Lime Kool-aid. This is what gives the Chex mix it’s main flavor, while also being the sneaky reason this party mix dyes mouthes green!

Stir completely to coat.

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Drizzle on the melted candy and sprinkle with the sugar crystals. Allow the candy to dry and harden before serving.

Garnish the Lemon Lime Trail Mix with the lime sour candies.

For other zesty lemon treats to add to your party (or Pinterest boards), check out our recipes for Kid-made Lemonade & Lemon Poppyseed Muffins.


Do you love lemon lime flavor? Would you serve a party mix that dyes your guests’ mouths green?!

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