Eyeball Soup Spooky Sensory Tub for Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday around here.

While we love all the kid-friendly parts of Halloween, my kids especially love all things gross.

“Mom. Those Eyeballs. We neeeeeeed them.”

“What in the world would we use eyeball ping pong balls for?”

“You’ll come up with something!”

The challenge was on! I had no idea what I’d use these spooky eyeball balls for, but I knew I had to use them in some activity…

So The balls were bouncing all around the house driving me crazy, and I was at a total loss about what to do with them.

One day, while I was cooking, I noticed her sneak  a bag of xanthan gum tucked away in a corner, leftover from a spurt of gluten-free baking.

The wheels were turning, and suddenly I had an idea that would make the perfect eyeball soup spooky sensory tub for Halloween.  Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

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How to Make Your Own Eyeball Soup Spooky Sensory Tub

Use whatever sensory-friendly items you have in the house, whatever your kids love touching the most. This is what we put in ours:

Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

On the stove, heat about 3-4 cups of water until simmering.

Add in a few drops of food coloring and carefully sprinkle the xanthan gum into the mixture. Add it all at once and it will get clumpy and gross looking.

Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

Stir, then place in the refrigerator or freezer to cool.

Gather your other ingredients into the play tray.

Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

Once the xanthan gum mixture is cooled, add it to the tray.

My kiddo thought this was the best gift I’d ever given her. She was content to dive and play in that tub for over an hour. The eyeballs did not phase her a bit. She thought it was hilarious she had “eyeball soup.”

Science-Backed Spooky Sensory Tub

Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

The secret to this spooky sensory tub is science. Xanthan gum is a thickener, and when it mixes with the warm water, it bonds with the water molecules to make a thicker, viscous liquid that is similar to gelatin. The gum is slightly looser than traditional gelatin, making it the perfect base for any sensory tub.

Spooky Sensory Tub Halloween STEM Activity for Kids

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