Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

1 creepy crawly, 2 creepy crawlys, 3… she counts as she slides the small plastic bugs up and down my arm.

Mommy, look at your arm… with a giggle and snicker she is in heaven.

“Oh my… what’s on my arm?” “Crawlies…hehehe” she snickers.

I’ve never met a little girl that loves crawlies as much as this one. Who am I to complain though?

So it seemed only fitting when we found this set of crawlies to mix it with another obsession of hers… slime.

At this point my four year old daughter has gotten so good at making slime, she can do it on her own and this simple 3 ingredient creepy crawly slime is no different. It’s so easy, literally anyone could make it!

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

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Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

We make slime all the time in this house, mostly because it is an awesome activity for my sensory seeker. Slime is goopy and gloppy and just so much fun!

We have even more fun when we add fun surprises to the slime recipe like these creepy crawlies!

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

What You Need to Make Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Of course, have some creepy crawly toys on hand to add to your simple slime recipe!

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How to Make Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Okay, are you ready for a super easy slime recipe that will take like two seconds to make?

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Pour your glue into a bowl. We like to use a whole container like the one in the picture above.

Next you’re going to add some water and mix!

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Add some liquid starch to your mixture. (I’m telling you, liquid starch slime recipes always turn out the best!) and mix well.

Next you’re going to need to roll up your sleeves because you’ve got to mix and knead the slime with your hands.

This is a sensory activity, so don’t be afraid to get your hands slimey!!

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Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Finally you’re going to add your creepy crawlies! Because what fun is creepy crawly slime if there are no creepy crawlies?!

Once you’ve got the perfect creepy crawly slime recipe, you can count and play with your crawlies and your slime!

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly Slime

Stretch and squeeze your slime, bury the crawlies and re-find them, and play to your heart’s content.

Super Simple 3-Ingredient Creepy Crawly SlimeIsn’t that such a simple slime recipe? We had so much fun making this together, and even more fun playing with it!

Check this creepy crawly slime out in action in the video below!


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