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Are you looking for a simple DIY gift but just don’t know where to start? I am in love with these simple sugar scrub recipes put together in an adorable Sugar Scrub Gift Set. The best part… it’s easy enough for any kid to make and it smells amazing!

Day and Night Sugar Scrub Gift Set

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We really love making things with our essential oils around here. We have made everything from bath bombs to play dough. However, this was one of the first things we ever made over a year ago because it was simply the easiest thing we found to make with our oils. Plus, we had a blast doing it!

What’s In a DIY Sugar Scrub Gift Set ?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple… sugar scrubs. Oh and they smell so amazing. You can make any recipe for your sugar scrubs however we decided we wanted to make a day and night version of our sugar scrubs.

Materials you will need for a sugar scrub set…

Olive Oil
Essential Oils

Mason Jars
Scrapbook Paper
Chalkboard Labels

Now for the fun part… making the sugar scrubs…

Sugar Scrub Recipe Kids Can Make

This really is quite simple. You can click through to each recipe to see the full recipes and instructions, but believe me when I tell you it is as easy as one, two, three.

Energizing Lemon Sugar Scrub

For our daytime scrub (which we love next to our sink for stinky onion smells on our hands) we made this wonderful energizing sugar scrub.

Calming Bedtime Sugar Scrub for Calming Down

For night time, we chose our calming lavender sugar scrub recipe.  This is seriously some of the best smelling stuff. We keep it right by the bath tub for our night time routines.

That is really all there is to making a simple sugar scrub gift set for your special someone this Valentine’s Day or really any occasion.

Energizing and Calming Sugar Scrub Gift Set

Oh, and you know what is pretty sweet? The starter set to get started with essential oils is 10% off this month only! It’s a pretty awesome time to get started if you ask me.

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