Super Simple Charlie Brown Pudding Snacks

One might say we are slightly obsessed with the new Peanuts Movie coming out soon! Just the other day we made our Rice Krispie treats in honor of the movie, but we couldn’t stop there. I just couldn’t help myself from making these super simple Charlie Brown pudding snacks for my kids this week.

Super Simple Charlie Brown Pudding Snacks

I will be the first to admit that these are not “pinterest perfect” nor are they anything brilliant. However, they are one thing that mattered to my kiddos… fun.

Every once in awhile I like to get silly with our snacks and have something out of the ordinary and for us, this is it. These took about 2 minutes to make and maybe even less time to eat! They were a huge hit!

How to Make Charlie Brown Pudding Snacks

Super simple and easy charlie brown snacks

Remember, how I said these are super simple to make. I wasn’t kidding. All you need is a sharpie pen and a pack of Pudding Packs, we used the Snack Packs vanilla and butterscotch, but you could use any kind that comes in these colors.

Next, eyeball where half-way down the pudding cup is and start drawing your zig zag all the way around the cup (this is Charlie Brown’s shirt, in case it’s not obvious) .

Super Simple and Fast Charlie brown Pudding Snacks

You are done! See.. simple.

Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect or you mess up.. your kids won’t care. Your kids won’t even report you to the “Pinterest police”. I promise it will be okay!

What they will remember is that you did something fun and out of the ordinary.

Easy Charlie Brown Snack Idea

Believe me when I say, your kids will love it! So, tell me… are you making any fun treats as you get geared up for the launch of the new Peanuts movie? If so, what’s your favorite treat?

For More Peanuts’ Adventures

A few of my friends are just as excited as I am and have created some fun Peanuts inspired crafts and recipes. You might want to check these out if you are obsessed as we are!

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Charlie Brown Treats





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