The “New Mom Survival Kit” No One Talks About

Becoming a mom is a big job. It takes months of planning and anticipation. In fact, chances are if you are expecting for the first time you may have started the “nesting” phase where you want everything you will need to survive the first few days at home! Unfortunately, some of the most important items in your New Mom’s Survival Kit might be too taboo for anyone to actually tell you about. That’s what you have me for… to tell you what no one else will and give you tips for surviving those first few weeks with your bundle of awesomeness!

We loved working with Sam’s Club to bring you these tips and ideas for creating your perfect New Mom Survival Kit.

New Mom's Survival Kit No One Talks About

I am sure you have read by now that you need to be well stocked in diapers, wipes, creams, and baby wash. You might have even heard that you should stock up on these items before the baby comes. You heard right! These are items, that no matter what the circumstances..  you will need! No one enjoys running out in the middle of the night for more diapers, so its best to be stocked up!

However, if these are the only things you put in your new moms survival kit, you might be lacking some essentials for those first days.


The New Mom’s Survival Kit {No One Talks About}

I want to warn you that a few of these items might surprise you or might not be what you were expecting. I assure you, after 3 children and many friends giving birth, I have realized these are items that every new mom needs, but doesn’t know about yet!

New Mom Survival Kit Noone Tells You About Batteries

Batteries | Everything takes batteries! Seriously! From the baby monitor to the nightlight you end up picking up in the middle of the night so you can see your baby breathing… (I mean, I don’t know anyone that would do that) It all takes batteries!

Lip Balm | In the hospital, at home, midnight feedings, daytime strolls… it doesn’t matter where or when… the days leading up to and following your birth you will be so incredibly dry! No matter how much water I drank, it never seemed to be enough.

Body Lotion | That brings me to the next one… body lotion! I wanted to lather myself in lotion right after I had my kids. I’m not even one that uses lotion any other time, but by the third kid I had learned my lesson. I stocked up on the biggest body lotions I could find and was ready for the dryness this time!

New mom survival tips

Baby Wipes | I know, this was on the “traditional” list, right? However, it would be a good idea to just buy stock in wipes now! Its not like you will have a loss of uses for them if your baby for some reason never ever has explosive diapers. I mean, there are millions of uses for baby wipes that don’t even have anything to do with babies.

Trail Mix | Remember  how I said I was always thirsty and felt dry all the time. In the same sense, I was also always hungry during those midnight feedings. No one ever told me I was going feel this way but I did with each and every kid. Protein is extremely important right after birth, so my snack of choice was always a healthy trail mix full of my favorite nuts. We would buy this stuff by the cases!

Super Sized Panties | You can take this or leave it, but after my first child I learned the hard way and wished I had done this with her. For my second two children I went to the store and got the fullest coverage, softest, most ridiculously large undies. Here’s why… after you have your baby, you will need to wear a pad for quite some time. I am not talking about any old pad, either… I am talking about a pad large enough for an elephant. Having soft and large panties will allow you to feel as comfortable as you can feel when you wear these beauties.

New Mom Survival Kit Items No One Tells You About

Preparation H Medicated Pads/Wipes | I told you I would tell all the secrets! After I gave birth, the nurse set me up with this “pad from heaven” or at least it felt like it. Basically, she took one of those super-sized pads I was telling you about and she laid three cold sheets on top. This felt like magic. It wasn’t until later, that I learned that the magic discs were just Preparation H wipes. They were simply amazing and made the pains of motherhood feel a tad better, if you know what I mean. Oh, and since we are talking about things that other’s might not tell you… sometimes you have to actually use these for what they are intended for too! Its just part of the fun of having that bundle of joy!

Extra Memory Card for your Phone | This is one thing I actually learned with my last baby. By the time the baby came, my phone was so full, I had to delete pictures before I could even take more. You will want to have plenty of room for videos, pictures and all the new mom apps that you will download to track your little ones pees and poos.

I know this seems like a lot to take in and it might seem like you will never be ready, but I want to ease your mind and remind you that “You got this!” If you are a new mom and about to bring home your bundle of joy, you are not alone! There are many ways to get the help you need and even the supplies.

In fact, I love Sam’s Club for all my survival kit needs! From everyday saving on traditional survival kit items such as diapers, wipes, and baby wash, to the convenience of where you can shop from home so you can spend more time with your baby and less time shopping, Sam’s Club is your go to resource for the whole family.

New Mom Survival KitDid you know  you can even gift a Sam’s Club membership to a new mom you might know? For just $45, you or your best friend could have access to over $80 in instant savings on baby items like Huggies diapers and wipes, Aveeno Natural body wash, and many more items on your list!

In addition, Sam’s Club allows you to save on items for the entire family and on items you don’t always find in a grocery store. It’s perfect for gathering everything you need before the baby arrives while staying in budget!

Sams Club busy Moms Savings


Are you ready to get started on your New Mom Survival Kit?  Start saving now with Sam’s Club membership! What are you going to put in your Survival Kit?

Sam’s Club provides big savings for growing families, join and get $80 in special savings on baby basics. 

This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the text and opinions are all my own.




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