Totally Rad Creepy Creatures Lunch Notes for Kids

It’s October which means it is Halloween time all month long in this house! Halloween is one of my son’s favorite holidays, so I’m always looking for fun Halloween printables to share with him through the month, and some of my favorites are these Halloween printable lunch notes! These totally rad creepy creatures lunch notes for kids help me feel like I am connected to my son while he’s gone all day at school, and they make him smile during the long school day!

Totally Rad Creepy Creatures Lunch Notes for Kids

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These creepy creatures lunch notes are seriously adorable, and they’re perfect for the entire month of October. To be honest, I think they’re cute enough to send with my kiddos year round, but that’s just me! I also love that these lunch box notes are filled with compliment notes, because our kids always need a compliment to brighten their school day!

Totally Rad Creepy Creatures Lunch Notes for Kids

Plus, these creepy creatures lunch notes are super easy for me in the morning! They’re perfect for those mornings where I thought that I would write an elaborate hand-made note and then completely forgot about doing it. It takes less than five minutes to print out these cards and cut them out, and then I’m the best mom ever because I was able to send my son with a fun monster lunch box note to make his day!

I want some of these monsters as stuffed toys for my kids!

Wouldn’t these brighten your day?

Want to know my secret tip for making these even easier and more accessible? I like to laminate these with our laminator and then reuse them over and over and over again. We keep a tiny basket by the lunch making station and then I can just pull a card each morning before he runs out the door!

Do you want some printable Halloween Monster Lunch Notes for your child? That’s super easy! All you have to do is click the link below to get your FREE set!

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Totally Rad Creepy Creatures Lunch Notes for Kids

What is your favorite creepy creature?

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