The Ultimate Travel Agency for Imaginative Kids

One of my favorite things about young children is their vivid imaginations. Not a day goes by, that the chairs in the kitchen don’t magically turn into a bus or the pillows in the living room transform into a mystical castle. In an instant, my child can whisk me away from my worries, stress and busy life by using her incredible imagination. I am excited to partner with Radio Flyer to be the one to whisk her away to a magical far off land this time.

The Ultimate Imaginative Even for Kids that Love Adventures

More than ever, kids creative freedom and imagination are being limited by a world of structured play. Radio Flyer is in the business of imagination. For 100 years, Radio Flyer has provided vehicles that run on imagination.

Radio Flyer Travel Agency

For one day, on March 18th, Radio Flyer will open the first ever travel agency for kids, Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, a centennial celebration that will take kids to unbelievable destinations.

Radio Flyer Travel Agency (1)

The travel agency will specialize in imaginary destinations that can only be reached with Radio Flyer vehicles.

Radio Flyer Travel Agency (4)

Top-rated destinations include Planet of Evil Unicorns, Stinky Broccoli Forest and Cotton Candy Swamp.

Radioflyer Popup Travel AgencyTravel agents will help kids find their perfect dream adventure and the Radio Flyer vehicle that can take them there.

Radio Flyer Travel Agency (2)

Like all travel agencies, passports, itineraries and travel essentials will be provided.

Radio Flyer Travel Agency (3)

If you are in the Chicago area, this is sure to be one adventure you don’t want to miss with your kids. You can RSVP on Facebook by clicking here.

Pop-up Adventure Travel One Day Event

Join us to start your adventure on March 18 from 11am-5pm at
4755 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL.

Be sure to keep a close eye on my Facebook page on Saturday as we share live updates and update this page with live action shots of the event.To learn even more about this awesome adventure, check out the Travel Agency page on Radio Flyer’s website.

I can not wait to share this big adventure with my kids this weekend and if you are in the Chicago area, you should check it out too!


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