10 Baby Busy Box Ideas

Here at Lemon Lime Adventures, we have a busy house. We spend most of our days homeschooling our children, running to therapies, and transferring between houses. Teaching my older boys (6 and 8) is not always the easiest thing to do with a little one under my feet. That is why baby busy boxes are a must for both baby play and my sanity. Today, I can’t wait to share 10 of our favorite baby busy box ideas.

Baby Busy BoxesIn case you are new here, I will give a brief overview of Baby busy boxes. For the full story, be sure to head over to Melissa and Doug for Ins and Outs of Baby Busy Boxes for great tips on setting up successful busy boxes.

What Are Busy Boxes?

A busy box is any container filled with materials or items your child can use independently. While one on one time with your baby is encouraged, it is not always realistic. Busy boxes allow you the extra 5 minutes you might need to give a sibling attention, make dinner or fold laundry. Busy boxes for babies can provide benefits such as fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning, and language development.

10 Simple Ideas for Busy Boxes


1. Fabric Scraps

Baby Busy Box with Fabric

2. Stuffed Toys

Baby Busy Box with Stuffed Toys

3. Musical Instruments

Baby Busy Box with Music

3. Recycled Lids

Baby Busy Box with Lids

4. Wooden Toys

Baby Busy Box with Wooden Toys

5. Kitchen Utensils

Baby Busy Box with Kitchen Utensils

6. Books

Baby Busy Box with Books

7. Beads

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

Read more about Thrifty Baby Play

8. Balls

Baby Busy Box with Balls

9. Discovery Bottles

Baby Busy Box with Discovery Bottles

10. Fabric Circles

Baby Busy Box with Fabric CirclesBaby busy boxes do not have to take a lot of time, money or energy to put together. I have found the simpler the busy box, the better. As you can see, Super B has loved our Busy Boxes over the last year and continues to explore as we rotate the items. One of my favorite parts of our busy boxes is the fact that they are easy to clean up, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing.

These make great gifts and quick ideas for entertaining a little one. Not only do they provide entertainment for your tiny one, they also encourage interaction between siblings in the process. I hope you have enjoyed 10 Busy Box Ideas. If so, be sure to swing over to Melissa and Doug to read 5 Practical Tips for Busy Baby Boxes.

Ins and Outs Busy Boxes

If you are still looking for more baby fun, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards just for Babies!

Do you have a favorite box for baby or toddler? I would love to hear about it!

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26 thoughts on “10 Baby Busy Box Ideas”

  1. Great ideas to entertain your baby when you need a few minutes. My children have always enjoyed the fabric scraps too! Their favorite was pulling the fabric scraps out of an empty wipes case. 🙂

  2. Jane O'Connell

    I enjoy your ideas and many beautiful play ideas here. I believe the beads idea is dangerous for babies, strangulation and choking hazard if beads broke. Would love to share though if you remove this idea!
    Thanks Jane

    1. I completely understand your concerns. If you click through, I have written that post and I do state that no baby should be left alone with the beads. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. leanne

    What kind of bottles did you use for your discovery bottles?

  4. Beth

    I would be careful with the beads – they can break off and be swallowed, and the musical instruments, long items like drumsticks or flutes can get jammed in the throat too far, especially if you have a moving baby. Great ideas tho!

    1. Thank you so much. I am very careful with the beads and instruments and never leave her alone with either. Thank you!

  5. Nonni Rita

    I love all the ideas and projects you invent for Super B. All of the Science, Art, and Processing all 3 children learn is truly amazing. I am a proud Mama of Dayna and so inspired by her accomplishments.
    Love, Momma

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  14. Chubby baby, funny faces and beautiful red hair – this may be one of my favourite posts to coo over! As a red head myself and mama to a red head I am really biased – but she is adorable. Oh and post was was good too!

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