10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

If you have been living under a rock, mermaid sequin fabric is the newest craze, and it lives up to the hype 100%! Since we got a bit of this fabric, I’ve been crazy full of fun ideas for ways to use it in fun activities and games for my kids. From sight word practice to a weighted lap pad, we’ve had so much fun enjoying our mermaid pillows and we’ve come up with ten more must try mermaid pillow activities and games for you!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

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I love that the mermaid pillows give some sensory fun for my kids! The sequins on the mermaid pillow are designed to show a different color depending on which way you run your hand across the fabric, and it is so. much. fun!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

Mermaid Pillow Tic Tac Toe

Use the mermaid pillow to hold a game of tic tac toe! Simply use your fingers to draw the tic tac toe board and take turns drawing your x’s and o’s!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

Mermaid Pillow Names

Kids love learning to write their names, and it’s even more fun when you’re using a mermaid pillow! Use your fingers, and practice writing names for a fun sensory activity (without the mess)!

Mermaid Pillow Hangman

Now we’re doing another fun game with our mermaid pillow! Hangman is a classic game that helps kids practice their logic and spelling skills.

Mermaid Pillow Dots and Lines

The dots and lines game is a super fun game where players take turns connecting lines on a grid of dots. The player who closes a box gets to “claim” the box (by drawing a diagonal line through it) and the player with the most “claimed” boxes at the end wins!

Mermaid Pillow Shapes

With my preschooler we’ve been practicing drawing shapes a ton lately, but sometimes it isn’t fun to draw with a pencil. With the mermaid pillow we can practice drawing our shapes and he thinks it’s a totally fun game!

Mermaid Pillow Mandala

Mandala designs are all the rage lately, and it’s crazy simple to make a mandala design on your mermaid pillow!

Mermaid Pillow Patterns

Once you’ve mastered drawing patterns on your mermaid pillow, you can start using it to make some patterns! Start simple with something like a square / triangle / square / triangle and get more complicated from there!

Mermaid Pillow Math Facts

My third grader has been working on memorizing his multiplication facts, and it’s so much more fun to practice on a mermaid pillow versus with a pencil and paper!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

Mermaid Pillow Letter Practice

You can also use the mermaid pillow to practice writing letters! Writing letters with your fingers can help kids who aren’t quite ready for handwriting.

Mermaid Pillow Emotions

Draw fun smiley faces (and other emotions) on your mermaid pillow to help your child understand and explain their emotions!

Mermaid Pillow Encouragement

This is my very favorite way to use our mermaid pillow. Leave little notes of encouragement for your child to find!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

To see all of these super fun mermaid pillow activities, check out the video below!

With these super fun mermaid pillow activities and games, you’re in for hours and hours of fun with your kids!

10 Must Try Mermaid Pillow Activities and Games

What is your favorite mermaid pillow activity?

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