15 Must-Follow Sensory Blogs

What is sensory? How do you learn about Sensory Processing? Where do you even begin? If these are questions you have ever asked, you will love this list of must-follow Sensory Blogs. Despite never following blogs before this year, I have had the pleasure to collaborate, learn from, and follow some pretty amazing Sensory Blogs this past year. Whether you have a child who struggles with sensory needs or not, these blogs are amazing resources for all things child development and can be saved as a resource to find anything and everything Sensory-related.

Must Follow Sensory Blogs

This week, I am celebrating my first year of blogging by sharing some of my favorite resources and blogs with you! If you read my story about how and why I started blogging you know that I never read blogs before this year and didn’t know many of these even existed. Wait, I didn’t know ANY of these blogs existed last year.

You will find everything from sensory play and sensory activities to articles from therapists and professionals giving with tips and guidance on difficult issues and struggles pertaining to sensory needs. These are in no particular order, as I feel they are all equally important to follow if you are looking for information and help understanding your child or a child you love.

Sensory Blogs I Love, Admire, and Respect

{and I’ve had the honor of meeting}

Inspired Treehouse

Over at Inspired Treehouse you will find anything and everything related to child development. From developmental milestones to extremely fun sensory activities, you will not be disappointed. Add to the fact that Claire and Lauren are both moms, they are certified therapists working with children every day, giving them expertise in the field and knowledge that is extremely helpful. I am in love with this blog, and fell in love the moment I saw the first post, which is why I joined forces with them to bring you the series on Sensory Processing and why we are co-authoring a book together.

Golden Reflections Blog

As a trained Occupational Therapists Assistant, Heather is knowledgable in details pertaining to sensory processing and her montessori background adds a lovely spin to all of her amazing sensory play ideas. She has a fabulous series on Sensory vs. Behavior and is continually sharing information with me that helps me better understand my children and their sensory development.

She also has a wonderful Ebook that I suggest checking out about Beginning Shapes that I absolutely adore (and she is giving away today).

Pink Oatmeal

Chanda writes at Pink Oatmeal as a trained Physical Therapists sharing tips and activities to do with all children. She features everything from sensory activities for babies to family recipes. Some of my favorite posts from Chanda are her informative and eye-opening posts about baby gear such as the bumbo, the jumper and other baby equipment she doesn’t think you need from her professional opinion.

I absolutely love her Animal Yoga Activity Cards that she is generously giving away today, as well!

Little Bins for Little Hands

Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands was one of the first sensory activity blogs I ever followed. I immediately fell in love with her simple on the go sensory bins. I never knew a year ago that I would get the pleasure of working with Sarah even more and learning so much from her and her sensory activities. Right now you can find about any sensory play activity from slime, sensory science or simple sensory bin that you could ever want on her page. This is 100% a page you want to follow if you love fun and simple sensory activities for your child or your students!

B-Inspired Mama

Another favorite blog that I have had the pleasure of collaborating and working with is Krissy at B-Inspired Mama. As a collaborative hosts of Kids Co-Op, she is always finding, sharing and creating some really awesome sensory play ideas. Recently, Krissy has started sharing parenting posts and stories of what is like parenting a child with sensory needs. I absolutely love her bear walks and her sensory activities series.

The Chaos and the Clutter

Where do I even begin with what I love about Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter? As a mom of seven (yes, seven) children, she is extremely familiar with sensory processing disorder and the variations of sensory needs and anxiety in children. She has an incredibly helpful Anti-anxiety kit that has so many useful tools, not to mention all of her great resources about sensory needs such as surviving public bathrooms and clothing sensitivities. In addition, she has written and published several useful ebooks, my favorite being the Sensory Bin Guide, which she is graciously giving to one lucky winner.


And Next Comes L

I might have lied when I said I didn’t know any of these sites existed before last year. In truth, I found Dyan’s DIY Sensory Swing on Pinterest ages before ever becoming a blogger, I just never knew that she was the mastermind behind this genius idea. Over the last year, she has continued to share amazing DIY sensory tools such as quiet books, light brights, and her latest genius creation… homemade resistance stretchy bands. If you are looking for sensory tools that don’t break the bank, or sensory activities to try with your child, you have to follow And Next Comes L.

My Mundane and Miraculous Life

Julie is one of my new favorite blogs. I just recently started following her more closely and I am so happy I did. She is a mom who is raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder and is sharing really awesome sensory tips and stories. Seriously, you have to check her out. I am pretty sure you are going to fall in love too.

Must Follow Sensory Blogs for Resources

Sensory Blogs I Admire and Love

Just like the blogs I featured above, these all have one thing in common… Sensory Resources. These pages have a few differences, however. All of the pages listed below are dedicated to sharing sensory related materials and resources. If you are looking to learn more about sensory processing and how to help and support your child, these sites are a must! I have had the honor of working with several of these and look forward to working more with the others, hopefully in the near future.

The Sensory Spectrum is what I like to call a One Stop Shop for all articles sensory related. Jennifer, the owner of this site and amazing Facebook community, works extremely hard to share resources she finds around the web from books and articles, to tools and resources. She runs a wonderful blog hop monthly for parents of children with sensory needs to share their story, which has proven to be a resource that helps me feel a little less alone in this journey. I highly recommend following her and joining her robust Facebook Community.

 Sensory Organizing

I had the recent honor of reading Carolyn Dalgliesh’s book,  The Sensory Child Gets Organized and I was highly impressed. Carolyn gives wonderful visual tips for helping children with sensory needs organize their world. She has schedule ideas, organization tips and so much more. I would highly recommend Carolyn’s site as a page to follow for any parent, educator, or caregiver. The tips are not only helpful for children with sensory needs, but for anyone looking to get a little more organized. She is giving away a copy of her awesome book!

SPD Connect

SPD Connect has become a go to Facebook page for me. I just recently signed up for the newsletter as well, and every week I have been getting tips and advice in my inbox, which is super convenient. Right now, the site is under construction but the free download while you wait is pretty amazing. While I do not know this author personally, I am really happy that I have found this resource and am able to share these resources when others ask.

Project Sensory

Okay, Okay… this is a shameless plug for our new sensory site. However, I think its pretty fantastic. We have built this site as a dedicated way to spread awareness of sensory needs in all children. Our mission is to get sensory tools into the hands of all children to help them be successful in school, home and life situations. We believe so strongly in this, that we have set up a donation system for getting sensory toolkits into classrooms of need. It is still extremely new (less than 2 months old) but we are extremely excited about the potential. On our Facebook page, we share every day activities and resources that are sensory related. Our goal is to make sensory an every day word and make it a little easier to understand. {We also have a free shipping code good until December 15th: FREEHOLIDAYSHIP}

Mama OT

I have just recently found and followed Christie at Mama OT and I am so happy I did. I absolutely love her daily tips on Facebook and her insight to sensory needs and sensory processing from the perspective of a therapists. Some of my favorite resources found on her site include her introduction to the sensory systems and her tips for making tummy time a little less miserable.

Your Kids Table

Eating can be a tricky and very touchy subject for most parents, especially if your child has sensory processing issues. I am so happy to have found Alisha and her blog for all things eating related. Any time I get a question or request for information about eating, I always, without thinking twice recommend Your Kids Table. She shares so many useful tips. Among some of my favorites are her tips for turning a picky eater around, the list of toddler table foods, and her top 5 reason a child might be refusing food.


SPD Parent Zone

I don’t know if many of you know or not, but I had the honor of doing a podcast about a month ago for the first time. This would have never been possible if it were not for the ladies, Kelly and Dawn over at SPD Parent Zone. They have created a non-profit resource for parents, educators and caregivers to learn more about sensory processing disorder. They have interviewed some pretty amazing people such as Carolyn Dalgliesh and Carol Kraniwitz, author of the Out of Sync Child.

Now for the really fun part! To help me celebrate one year of blogging many of these awesome Sensory Blogs and 3 of my favorite Sensory Product Companies have donated one or more of their products for you to win! I can’t wait to share them with you!  I have almost 10 prizes available thanks to these awesome parenting blogs! Are you ready? a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Renee Brown

    My favorite sensory blog is yours!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      That is so sweet! Thank you so much!


    The children whose SPD is not caught young grow up to be ADULTS. Why no inclusion of blogs by adults with SPD? I know of at least 5… Turtle is a Verb, Sensational Chaos, Coming to My Senses, Insanium in the Cranium, Inside My Window, etc. As an adult with SPD it is frustrating that there are no studies on adults and not many OTs will work with us. We do exist and need help/support too!!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you for these wonderful resources! I hope to gather as many as I can for my resource page. You are very right that these are perfect blogs for adults with sensory needs. I love Coming to my Senses.

  3. I’m just learning about sensory so I don’t have one yet, but I plan on looking into each one you mentioned here. Thanks for the list and the opportunity to win!!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Wonderful! So happy you are able to get started on the right foot 🙂

  4. Kristin Gideon

    I don’t have any favorites that aren’t already on your list! And you included several new ones that I hadn’t heard of before. What an excellent resource this is, thank you!!

  5. Jodi

    Thanks for helping me get started!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      You are very welcome!

  6. Great list, Dayna! I’m honored that you included me. Thanks for so passionately sharing this info with the world! -Christie from MamaOT.com

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Of course! I look forward to collaborating more this next year and in the years to come!

  7. Thank you for sharing these! I have sent this post to a subscriber of mine who was looking for more resources! I am new to the blogging world and don’t have all the resources on my own blog at this time, so things like this are fun to share with my subscribers. Thank you!

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  10. Thank you for putting this list together! Shot out to my friend over at SensorySchool.org/blog, they have some great posts over there too.

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  12. Great list! Your Therapy Source frequently blogs about research related to sensory processing as well.

    1. Yes, this is an older list. I should update it for sure 🙂 Can I email you about a new book we have coming out. I would love to send it to you!

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