18 of the Most Supportive Facebook Groups for Parenting High Needs Children

It’s 2 am. I should be sleeping. Yet, all I can do is recount the events of the day and wonder where I went wrong. Let’s see, I yelled at my son, my daughter had a terrible meltdown, and I think I’ve broken my connection with my husband. So what do I find myself doing? Scrolling Facebook. Surely someone will have an answer right? Surely someone will help me feel a little less alone. One of the hardest parts of parenting a high needs children is finding others that understand what you are going through.
Facebook Support Groups for Parenting High Needs Children
When I first started this journey, that is exactly how I felt, alone. Now, when 2am rolls around and I am feeling alone, I reach for my phone and know exactly where to run. I know exactly who will get me and understand me.
Here are some of my favorite support groups on Facebook for finding your army and village to help you on your journey and adventure in parenting a high needs child.
Remember, You are not alone!

The Most Supportive Facebook Groups for Parenting High Needs Children

First of all, you might be wondering what a “High Needs Child” is in the first place. I am not even sure if it is an official term or just one I have coined to describe my children and the needs I have as a parent. You see, I have a child that I love and adore. I see all his awesomeness and his greatness, yet I struggle to help him show the rest of the world just how awesome he can be. He needs me a lot. He needs a of help and support to be the best and honestly I need a lot of help to be the best parent I can to him.

I often find myself feeling guilty when I say I am a “special needs parent” because while I know that is where I fit in and that my child’s needs are special and different than the typical support given to most children, I just don’t feel worthy of the title (but that is a rant for a whole other day).

To me, parenting a high needs child encompasses the gammet of behaviors and needs a child has that might not really fall into any one category and yet make parenting a little more difficult then you ever thought it was going to be. This could include children with multiple official diagnosis or it could just mean you have a strong willed child. Whatever the case, this term is not meant to divide, it is meant to help others find their way when they feel like they just can’t go any more.

Here are some of the places I find myself when I am at a loss for how to help my child.

Note: all of these groups are CLOSED Facebook groups. This means your friends and family can see you are IN the group BUT they CANNOT see WHAT YOU POST. 

Parenting Children with Sensory Needs Facebook Support Groups

Parenting Children with Anxiety Facebook Support Groups

Parenting Children with Anger Facebook Support Groups

Parenting Children with Autism or Similar Needs Facebook Support Groups

Hyperlexia + Autism Support – And Next Comes L

Parenting Children with Gifted and/or Twice Exceptional Qualities

Parenting Facebook Support Groups for the Imperfect Parent

The Stop Yelling Challenge from Dirt and Boogers
The Daily Gratitude Challenge
The World’s Okayest Parents
From the Mouths of Moms with B-Inspired Mama
The Neighborhood, Imperfect Families
Extremely Good Parenting Hideout

I know there are many I am forgetting. I know this list is overwhelming. I wanted to start the list, so you could have a starting point. I would love to add to the list as time goes on, and I would love to help you find your army. Goodness knows, we all need it some days!

Parenting high needs children facebook groups

For Support and Resources:

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Must Follow Parenting Blogs

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    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I run a group called “The Healing Tree” we’re a family oriented group. Over 1k members, and we don’t bash one another nor pass judgement. We all deal with the same stressful life and we all need to be validated and I do live feeds which members pick the topic

    1. We also have professionals on our admin team. Which is a bonus.. speical need advocate, therapist, foster parents, law majors, teachers..

      1. Dyrek sullavan

        Hello, Lynn

        I have a friend who is a mother, she is currently in need of in need of some help and support . She is a mother of 6 children, all birthed here in the United States though she is a native of Liberia, a small country in Africa. She’s currently facing Deportation and is forced to take her children or leave them here to the foster system. Can you help?

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