The Most Shared Lemon Lime Adventures Posts of 2015

Can you believe that 2015 is over? I sure can’t. Even more so, I can’t believe that this blog has been going for 2 great years! As a culmination of many of the projects I have been part of, I have been posting some “Best of” posts for a variety of categories, including imperfect parenting, sensory, and science. However, I always find it super fun to do a quick wrap up to review the most shared Lemon Lime Adventures posts.

 Top Posts of 2015 (1)

This blog would not be where it is today, however, without the network of bloggers I have met, the projects I have been a part of and the generous shares on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Top Visited Lemon Lime Adventures Posts Of 2015

      Simple Stop Yelling Tip Why I told My Kids I Quit Stop Saying these things to parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Top Parenting and Motherhood Posts

Parenting: 1 Simple Step To Stop Yelling

Special Needs Parenting10 things to Never Say to Parents of Child with Sensory Processing Disorder 

Motherhood: The Day I Told My Kids I Quit

You can read more about the top guilt free parenting tips for an imperfect parent here.


20-Must-Try-Fall-Science-Experiments-for-KidsOpen Letter to the Teacher of That Kid 100 Baby Activites including sensory play, busy baskets, fine motor, outdoor, and more play ideas for babies.Really helpful tips for how to stop a toddler from hitting!

Top Educational Posts

Science: 20 Must Try Fall Science Activities for Kids

TeachingLetter to the Teacher of That Kid

BabyUltimate Guide to Baby Activities

ToddlerHow to Stop a Toddler from Hitting

You can read about the top engineering projects for kids here.


  What to say to your anxious child Lego-Calm-Down-Jar

Top Sensory Posts

Sensory Processing: What to Never Say to a Parent of a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Solutions: What to Say to Calm an Anxious Child

Sensory Activity: Lego Calm Down Jar

In just a week or so I will be publishing our top tips for parenting an anxious child.

Most Shared Lemon Lime Adventures Posts on Facebook

1.13 Helpful Phrases You Can Say to Calm an Anxious Child 

2.A Letter to the Teacher of “That Kid” 

3.10 Things to Never Say to Parents of a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder 

This would never have been possible without so many amazing bloggers that I know and don’t know sharing my content, as well as each of you! You can click on these links, if you are looking for some of my favorite parentingsensory and kids’ activities blogs to follow on Facebook.

My top referring sites were the following amazing websites.

Today’s Mama

Spaceships and Laser Beams

Kid’s Activities Blog

Jenny Evolution

Pre-K Pages

Thank you to anyone that shared Lemon Lime Adventures in 2015, big or small!

Most Pinned Lemon Lime Adventures Post on Pinterest



40 Sensory Break Ideas for Kids

Most Shared Lemon Lime Adventures Post on Twitter

13 Helpful Phrases You Can Say to Calm an Anxious Child 

The Most Exciting Adventure of 2015

Slider Sensory Processing New Release

I still can’t believe that in 2015 I published a book! I am so happy with the way this amazing project turned out with The Inspired Treehouse. I think that they are an amazing resource and I value the time working with them. Thank you so much for helping this book become a Best Seller and help so many other families and classrooms!

Are you curious about what was last year’s most popular posts?

Top Posts of 2014

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The best crafts, education, and parenting blog posts of 2015




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