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Can you believe that 2014 is over? I sure can’t. Sitting with some friends last night and catching up, I realized just how much has happened this last year both in our lives and on the blog. As a culmination of many of the projects I have been part of, I have been posting some “Best of” posts for a variety of categories, including parenting, sensory, science and even homeschooling.

Top Posts of 2014

This blog would not be where it is today, however, without the network of bloggers I have met, the projects I have been a part of and the generous shares on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Top Visited Posts Of 2014

Simple Stop Yelling Tip Tips for Calming an Angry Child Happier-Healthier-Mom

Top Parenting and Motherhood Posts

Parenting: 1 Simple Step To Stop Yelling

Special Needs Parenting: 15+ Tips to Calm an Angry Child

Motherhood: 5 Steps to Becoming a Happy Healthy Mom Today


20 Must Try Summer Science Activities for Kids5 ways to teach a kid that fidgets Baby-Busy-Boxes

Top Educational Posts

Science: 20 Must Try Summer Science Activities for Kids

Teaching: How to Teach a Fidgety Child

Baby: 10 Baby Busy Boxes

Toddler: 10 2 Minute Toddler Activities


Variations of Sensory Processing top 10 Angry Child Sensory Hacks Baby Safe Cloud Dough

Top Sensory Posts

Sensory Processing: What Is Sensory Processing

Sensory Solutions: Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Kid

Sensory Dough Recipes: Baby Safe Cloud Dough

Most Shared Posts on Facebook

1. One Simple Step To Stop Yelling

2. Lego Calm Down Jar

3. You Can’t Spank the Angry Out of an Angry Child

This would never have been possible without so many amazing bloggers that I know and don’t know sharing my content. Click on these links, if you are looking for some of my favorite parenting, sensory and kids’ activities blogs to follow on Facebook. Thank you to anyone that shared Lemon Lime Adventures in 2014, big or small!

Most Pinned Post on Pinterest

Happy-Mom (2)

Happy Healthy Mom Quote

Most Shared Post on Twitter

20 Must Try Winter Science Experiments

 The Post That Changed Everything

Sensory Kit for School or Home

In wrapping up 2014, I would be missing something if I didn’t mention the post that changed the course of many things for me, our family and the future of our business. In September, as part of a back to school series, I posted our DIY Sensory Toolkit that we created for our son when he was in school and struggling with focus, fidgeting, and meltdowns. It wasn’t long before we were getting emails, Facebook messages and more asking if we could create and sell this kit.

After some thought and a little research, Project Sensory was born. With just 3 months under our belt, it is still new and we are still working out some kinks, but the project looks promising. We are determined to create a resource for parents, educators, and caregivers to learn more about sensory needs in all children and provide them with support and tools to help their children be successful at school and home. We are pleased to announce that on the last day of the year, we shipped out our first fully donated kit, and we have 300 teachers on the wait list for more. This thing is big! Bigger than we ever thought it could be.

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