45 Things Parents Love and Admire About SPD

It is pretty easy to read through the posts about SPD and start to suddenly feel a heavy heart. Thoughts fill your mind and your entire body feels heavy. “How can this be. This is awful.” However, if you hang out around anyone that loves a child with SPD for very long, you will learn that there are things parents love and admire about SPD that they wish you could see, too.

45 Things Parents Love About SPD

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The other day, in my sensory support group, many of us were talking about what we wish our friends and family knew about SPD. You see, we know that they just don’t understand and deep down they love our child just as much as we do. It really got us thinking about a few things. Most of all, it got us thinking about all the benefits and bonuses to parenting an child with SPD.

You see, SPD enables children to have a spidey sense like no other child. They have qualities that so often get overpowered by their meltdowns or lack of self control, but in the same way, they also are capable of so many things BECAUSE of these qualities.

Once again, my support group (around 24k parents) have come together to create a pretty powerful list of hidden qualities to love about SPD.

45 Things Parents Love and Admire About SPD

“Because he’s so hypersensitive to noise and visual stimuli, he notices the little details that I wouldn’t even see and asks about them. We learn a lot from him because he wants to know how something works, why it makes that noise etc. Instead of just accepting it’s just what it does.” ~ Jennifer

“Such an incredibly huge heart!” ~Laura

“He hates messes (like anything sticky or pretty much anything related to food & spills)” ~ Christi

“He is so funny sometimes. He’s 6 and in kindergarten and EVERYONE knows my kid.” ~ Amanda

“With the SPD diagnosis, my son and I found out we both have chemical sensitivity. It helped us find the answer to what and why we were sick. It’s kept us aware to what we put in and on our bodies. I had no idea there were SO many awful chemicals we were eating, washing with and wearing every single day.” ~ Mona

Child Hugging Mom

“I like knowing things before something happens , my SPD makes me very sensitive to vibrations in the air, as for my son, by knowing my triggers I was able to see some of his issues and not fight them , but understand them.” ~ Nikki

“Joy in everyday life!” ~Jen

“Uniqueness. Unapologetically her own self and not at all swayed to conform to the masses.” ~ Erinn

“I love all those little things I get taken by the hand to look at, this morning it was a piece of sticky tape hanging on a fan in reception area of our local library…..things I would never usually notice or bypass.” ~ Fiona

“I love how my seeker loves to hug and snuggle with his whole body.” ~ Jess

What It Means to be a Parent of a Child with SPD

“He’s making me a better parent and person. For his needs, I often find it necessary to step out of my comfort zone, ask more questions, find more answers, advocate harder. He has helped me learn about my own triggers and how to deal with them. He is helping me to learn more patience. He forces me to be more understanding and accepting. He is teaching me to find the joy in what is and let go of how I thought it would be. Because he is pretty awesome.” ~Jess

“I call her my little superhero, because she’s so sensitive and in tune to everything going on around her. Like others have said, I would miss so much if it weren’t for her.” ~ LeAnn

“What a great traveller he is! He loves riding in the car, being on a plane or even a boat because he craves motion.” ~Alycia

“I love the way he rubs my hair for comfort. And I love the way she is such an exceptional swimmer because she has always found comfort in the water.” ~Lisa

“It makes you embrace nature and a slow, connected, heart-centred life ♡” ~ Angelique


Sleeping in bed with your toddler

“KING. SIZED. BEDS.” ~ Jodie

“The awakeness of a child’s mind. He senses things I don’t even notice.” ~ Nico

“My favorite is when we go outside for the first time of the day and he looks up under neath all the big trees and stares at the wind blowing the leaves. He makes you “stop and smell the roses “” ~Dawn

“The extra tight hugs that he craves.” ~ Christa

“His absolute love for dinosaurs and dragons. He is 6, but can tell you the name of most dinosaurs, what they ate, and how big they were. He also knows all of the dragons on “how to train your dragon“” ~ Veronica

The One Thing That will Change Your Outlook

“I also love how so many things that other parents might take for granted are huge milestones for us. My son tolerating the feel of shoes, finally going down a slide, or going to a birthday party are moments made sweeter because I know all it took to get to that point.” ~ Jennifer

“My son is 8 and still loves his mommy snuggles every day…great deep pressure for him.” ~Julie

“His extreme intelligence..my 3yo boy can read like a 7yo, counts to 1000, knows ALL the shapes, knows about 30 colors and can label them dark or light..can play songs that he hears, on keyboard without training, knows planets, days of the week, months, seasons and etc.” ~Nogol

“He has such a grand understanding of not only his feelings and frustrations, but also is very empathetic to others. He is always the first to jump in and say “but maybe that person did that because he had a bad day” (referencing a little road rage). I think it makes him more in tune and compassionate towards others. I’m hoping that serves him well in adulthood.” ~Shelli

“That his heightened senses allow him to be in tune to everything around him. He hears music in ordinary things, sees beauty in all that he looks at, and is aware of those around him and their feelings.” ~Krysti

facebook 5 words every mom needs to hear

“The big hugs, the long kisses, the extraordinary memory, the fact he can smell anything I can’t, when he covers his ears when I put the silverware away instead of throwing a fit. So many things I love about my child with SPD.” ~ Erin

“Another thing that I love about SPD is the kind of person it has made me. I’m not saying it’s made me a better mother because honestly there are days I wouldn’t agree with that. But it has made me aware of differences in people. I’m more open to the “hidden disability” and has definitely made me a less judgmental person.” ~Erin

“Imagination!!!!!!! Huge heart!!!!! Giant belly laughs!!!!!!” ~Julie

“His funny expressions and comments!… And so proud of him how he overcomes his fears ( which seem so normal to the outside world) but we know as SPD parents what a big deal it is!” ~ Nicole

“His affection.” ~ Marnie

encouraging words

“I ended up with a girl that takes a stance and does not back down….gotta love that!” ~Yvonne

“My girls ability to understand, know, allow and advocate who she is what she needs at a young age. Something I did not do until I was an adult!” ~Amanda

“Her deep awareness of the world around her and her observations of people and feelings – her own and others.” ~Annie

“My oral sensory seeker is amazing to take to restaurants. He is a good eater, who loves the whole experience. He is warm and friendly to restaurant staff and very appreciative of the whole opportunity.” ~Saima

“Fun!!!!! Crazy adventurous kid” ~ Tonia

Calm Anxious Child Ecourse Image

“There is a depth to this world that only those in this quirky tribe get to experience.” ~Holly

“Her ability to love, and feel things on the deepest level. She loves from the depth of her soul.” ~Judy

“My kiddo is not boring , but the life of the party and he intrigues people” ~Megan

“My seeker collapses at bedtime and sleeps like a rockstar. He goes 110% all day but I never have to convince him to sleep or stay asleep.” ~Jaclyn

“He is strong!!” ~Jaclyn

Vestibular Sensory Processing

“Seeing the world from a completely new perspective and finding unexpected beauty.” ~Joann

“Upside down hugs!” ~Kim

“The new and interesting perspective from every aspect. The excitement over the seemingly mundane. “Look inside this marble and spin it!” “Touch this bumpy car.” “Come put your feet in this box!”” ~Lora

“My favorite thing is how he thinks for himself and believes what he believes 100%.” ~Miri

“His imagination” ~Kathy

45 Things Parents Love and Admire About SPD

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More Resources For Dealing with Sensory “Issues”

To help you remember some of these strategies and understand sensory behavior and what to do in the moment, I’ve put together this amazing poster set on how to understand your child’s sensory struggles and discipline sensory meltdowns.

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Ok, you might be thinking…

This all sounds great but…

  • What should I do when my child is having a meltdown?
  • How do I create sensory strategies that are going to help my unique child?
  • How exactly do I get them to use those strategies in the moment?

In my next blog post, I’ll share how to create sensory tools that are going to help your specific child. I’ll also tell you what to do in the moment when your child is in sensory overload and having a meltdown!

overcome sensory issues

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