5 Inexpensive Activities to Do With Your Kids This Winter

Your children act restless, bored, fussy, and even throw temper tantrums because they can’t get outside and run around. They are tired of doing the same indoor activities, and they are simply driving you crazy! If you are on a budget, it can be tough to keep them entertained. Until now! I think you will love these inexpensive activities to do with your kids this winter

Inexpensive Activities to do when it is cold outside

Hey all, it’s Kate from Maternity Glow. If you’re like me, you know that winter is a very long season! Read on to learn about 5 inexpensive activities that you can do with your kids this winter, but that won’t leave you bankrupt!

5 Inexpensive Activities to Do With Your Kids This Winter

1. Create a Puppet Theater

Toddlers and young kids love puppets. There is simply something magical about them, and they will love creating them even more!

Together as a family, take a trip to your local supermarket or craft store. You can pick up a pack of paper lunch sized bags to use to create a puppet. Also, browse the shop’s discount racks to score some awesome yet affordable decorating deals.

Look for wobbly eyes, sequins, glitter, pom-poms; anything that your child shows interest in (and anything that’s on sale). You can even ask the register attendant if they can send you home with an oversized box (for free of course) that they have sitting around their stock room.

When home, don’t just decorate puppets, but use the box to transform it into a puppet presentation theater! You can even use an old crib mattress to help prop up the scene!

Your children will love scripting their own shows and presenting them for you. Decorating them and a theater will take up quite a lot of time, and it will allow your children to express themselves theatrically, for only a small amount of money.

2. Paint Bag Smoosh

If you have young toddlers, they will love this activity (plus you’ll love it because it’s mess free).

Fill a large, sealable plastic bag with a few drops of paint (let your toddler pick the colors). Tape the bag filled with paint on one of your windows, so your toddler can clearly see it and they have a sturdy place to work. Take their hands and show them how they can smear the paint.

They will love the hands on activity and the feel of the smoosh underneath their fingers! They will also begin to learn that certain colors mix together.

You can repeat the process with a different bag and colors; and you can pick up paint at your local dollar store, as well as a big box full of baggies for just a few dollars.

3. Paint Ball Box

Speaking of paint, why not make the most out of your purchase?

You can utilize the tubes you pick up for the paint bag smoosh, by having your toddler take part in another creative and fun activity. All you need is a box bottom (no lid), a few squirts of paint, a bouncy ball (or two), and a plain white piece of paper that is able to fit comfortably in the box.

Put the paper in first. Then, have your toddler drop in the balls. Let them select their paint colors (no more than 3). Then, with your help, begin to shake the box, making the balls move around.

Your toddler will love watching the colors mix and all kinds of lines form on the paper. Repeat a few times and take the paper out to dry. And, voila! You have an abstract piece of art.

4. Mystery Treat

Toddlers are learning about their senses. One sense they certainly love is taste and smell!

If your toddler is acting bored on a cold, snowy day, surprise them with some mystery treats. All you need is a blindfold (or handkerchief or scarf), and food items around your house.

Cover their eyes and tell them to open their mouth. Spoon them a treat and see if they can identify what it is. Give them a sip of water or juice between each taste test.

It’s a fun and creative way to fit in a snack throughout the day!

5. Indoor Picnic

All children love a good picnic. While you may not be able to have one outside, you certainly can have one inside!

Spread out a colorful blanket, place some napkins, silverware, plates, and a wrapped up lunch in your picnic basket. Give your toddler a hat and sunglasses to wear, so they pretend they are lunching in warm weather.

While this may seem simple, your toddler will love the change of routine and will enjoy eating lunch with you (plus, there is no rule saying that you can’t wrap up the blanket and give it a quick shake out your door to get rid of the crumbs)!

Don’t let winter weather hold you back from having fun. And, to have fun, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money (or any at all).

Indoor Inexpensive activities for when it is cold outside

Try these five activities today to banish boredom and keep your kiddos engaged!

Kate Trout is the author behind Maternity Glow, A New Mom’s Guide to Figuring it All Out. She’s a coffee addict, wine drinker, cheese lover, and is kind of obsessed with baby laundry detergent. Oh, and she’s also Mom to the two cutest little kids.

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  1. I love all of these fun ideas. Our kids really enjoy freeze dance. We do it old school, turn up the music and dance around the house 🙂 Thanks for great article.

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