Top 10 Snowy Science Experiments for Kids

Everyone can’t wait for the snow to come. It’s such a beautiful time of year and a time of wonder and excitement! We love science experiments around here and even more so we love sharing our favorite experiments for kids. We’ve gathered our favorite snowy science experiments for kids while joining some of our favorite people to share even more awesome winter ideas for kids!

Snowy Science Experiments for Kids

Who doesn’t love to explore and understand the mystery of snow and winter? Below you will find some of the most awesome science experiments and questions you can explore with your kids this winter!

Top Ten Snowy Science Experiments for Kids

Winter Experiments with Snow

Amazing Experiments with Snow

How Much Water is in Snow? | KC Edventures

Does Snow Sink or Float? | Lemon Lime Adventures

What Happens When You Mix Liquids and Snow? | Teaching Mama

What Happens to Snow on a Light Table?  | Lemon Lime Adventures

Science experiments with Ice

Totally Amazing Experiments with Frozen Things

How Can You Freeze a Bubble? | Housing a Forest

Can Pick Up an Ice Cube with a String? | Playdough to Plato

Can You Make Ice Grow? | Teach Preschool

Can You Make Ice Melt with Colored Water? | Artful Parent

How do you make fake snow

Awesome Experiments with Fake Snow

Can You Make a Snowball Bounce? | Coffeecups and Crayons

Can You Make Play Dough From Snow? | Lemon Lime Adventures

So I am curious… What is the first question, you can’t wait to find the answer to? Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and tell me what you try this winter!

Top 10 Snowy Science Experiments for Kids with Questions

More Adventures in Science

Simple Guide to Science

For More Winter Tips and Ideas

I’ve joined several of my favorite people to bring you our monthly Top Ten lists! This month, everyone is sharing a Top Ten list for anything and everything Winter. There are more than 150 ideas represented here! How cool is that!

Top Ten Winter Ideas for Kids

Top 10 Winter Warmer Ideas from Powerful Mothering
Top 10 Winter Sensory Bins from Adventures of Adam
Top 10 Snowy Science Experiments from Lemon Lime Adventures
Top 10 Winter Crafts for Preschoolers from Craftulate
Top 10 Winter Crockpot Meals from Our Good Life

Top 10 Fun Winter Snacks for Kids from Sunny Day Family
Top 10 Snowflake Crafts from Play & Learn Everyday
Top 10 Easy to Make Ice and Snow Crafts from Witty Hoots
Top 10 Ideas for Outdoor Fun in the Snow from Nemcsok Farms
Top 10 Winter Printables for Preschool from Living Life and Learning

Top 10 Winter Science Ideas from P is for Preschooler
Top 10 Super Cool Snowmen Activities from Crafty Kids at Home
Top 10 Winter Art Projects from Rhythms of Play
Top 10 Penguin Crafts for Kids from The Resourceful Mama
Top 10 Winter Sensory Bins from Study at Home Mama

Top 10 Snowman Science Activities for Kids from Little Bins for Little Hands
Top 10 Winter Busy Bags from Something 2 Offer
Top 10 Paper Plate Winter Animal Crafts from Artsy Momma



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