5 Must Have Items for Road Trips with Babies

This time of year is when many of us gather the families, pack up the car and take family road trips. Every time we pack up the car, I start to remember the days of packing the little toes and little fingers into the car. I remember all the trips we took with our babies and how people always asked us how we did it. Today, I’ve partnered with Kroger to bring you 5 must-have items for road trips with babies.

5 Must Have Baby Items for Road Trips

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

I can remember almost every road trip we have ever been on. They seem to put an impression on your memory. I can remember all the bumps in the road and all the happy memories we created. What I remember most is that we didn’t let having a baby keep us from traveling and making memories together as a family.

Important Tips for Taking Road Trips with Babies

Road Trip Essential Kit for BabiesDiapers | When you are taking a road trip with a baby you can never ever have too many diapers. If you have ever been in the car with a baby that has a blowout, you know just how many diapers a little tiny eight pound baby can go through. If you are new to the diapering scene, trust me on this one, it is the one things you can’t live without.

Wipes | Not only will you need those wipes for the blowouts I mentioned before, they come in handy in so many other ways. When we are on road trips we use wipes for so many of our mishaps and messes. They are perfect for a quick wipe down before and after a meal in the car for all the kids (not just the babies).

Snacks | I never go on a trip without snacks. When you are stuck in a car for hours, snacks that are easy to pass back to your toddler or baby are extremely helpful. If you have a little one, you will want something you can feed your little one quickly at rest stops.

Safety Checks | One of the most important things you should do before any trip is make sure that your car seats are installed safely. “Only 80 percent of child safety seats are installed correctly,” says Dr. Christopher Ryder, author of Take Your Pediatrician with You. You can take your car seat to a hospital for a quick check before any trip.

Music | This last one might not exactly be a must have for your family, but for our family it is. My kids only settle down when we play quiet music. Every single one of my babies have settled in the car to soothing music and I wouldn’t recommend going on a single trip without it.

Travel Items for Babies


Simple Truth Diapers are comfortable for baby and gentle on the environment. They are made with renewable, plant based resources and Totally Chlorine Free Pulp to be gentle on your baby’s skin. I feel confident using these products on my baby when we go on trips. In fact, since the diapers come in sizes up to size 6, we still use the diapers with our toddler.

5 Must Have Baby Items for Road Trips

Simple Truth Baby as an affordable alternative to other eco-friendly/organic baby products. They have an entire line of baby wipes, diapers, organic baby food pouches, and baby formula that can be purchased at any Kroger store in your city. These are the perfect items to grab on your way to your next road trip with your baby! So, when you go on a family road trip with your baby, what is your favorite thing to pack?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.


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