5 Must-Read Tips for Bringing Home a Newborn When You Have an Intense Child


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Every expecting couple has a ton to plan before bringing home a baby, but when you already have children there’s a lot more to consider. This only intensifies when you’re bringing home a baby to a house that’s already filled with kids! When we were getting ready to have Super B, we knew our family would be in for a huge adjustment. Bringing home a newborn when you have an intense child already can be quite a process, but with these 5 must-read tips, you’ll be totally ready to make a peaceful transition home with your new baby, even if your house is filled with chaos!

How to Peacefully Introduce A Newborn to Your Intense Child

*This post is sponsored by Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 Must-Read Tips for Bringing Home a Baby When You Have an Intense Child

Some of these tips I already knew when I was pregnant with Super B because they can apply to all families. Others I learned through experience! The other day one of my friends asked me for some tips since she’s about to bring home a baby, and she has an intense six-year-old at home already, and I figured that I could make this post available for all moms in that situation!

Plan Everything in Advance

I feel like this is the best advice for any mom bringing home a new baby, whether it’s your first or your fifth. Plan absolutely everything you can in advance. Make ahead as many meals as possible so that you don’t have to scramble to make something for dinner when you’re exhausted and can’t leave the kids alone for ten minutes.

Make ahead as many meals as possible so that you don’t have to scramble to make something for dinner when you’re exhausted and can’t leave the kids alone for ten minutes. Stock the house filled with snack foods that you know your kids love eating, and grab some “special treats” that they don’t get often. You’d be amazed how quickly kids will leave you to feed the baby if you give them a special treat!

Ask some friends and family to babysit when you come home with the baby. Everyone will want to come over and snuggle your new little one, but make sure that you line up people to do fun things with your intense kiddo. A trip to the park or even just an afternoon playing video games can go a long way for helping your kid feel special when everyone else is fussing over the new baby.

Get Your Husband On Board

In a perfect world, you and your husband are already on the same page about everything. In reality? That’s never how it works out! When you’re bringing home a new baby, there’s never a more important time to make sure that your husband is at the very least in the same chapter as you, if not on the same page.

I know first hand how hard it can be to balance a marriage and an intense child. I also know how tough it can be on a marriage to bring home a new baby. Combining those could be a recipe for disaster if you don’t prepare now. Spend some time talking with your husband about exactly what you need help with.

I know it’s more romantic if they suddenly realize how to manage a meltdown or somehow know that they need to offer to burp the baby so you can sleep. The fact is, men are not mind-readers. Get specific with the ways he can help you.

Get a Baby Monitor With Video

I cannot tell you how valuable a really high-quality baby monitor is when you’re bringing home a baby when you have an intense child. When you’ve seen the results of one of your child’s meltdowns, it can be really unnerving to leave a tiny baby out of sight for even a few minutes. Luckily, with the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera, you don’t have to worry!

Arlo Baby Monitor with HD Camera

We love that this monitor has an HD video screen that we can check anywhere, anytime from our cell phones! I could make dinner downstairs or help one of the boys with a homeschool lesson while keeping an eye on the baby napping. If we heard a sound we could instantly see what was going on, and we could figure out if the baby was just babbling or a sibling was in there messing with her.

Arlo Baby Monitor with HD Camera

With the two-way radio on the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera, you can talk to your baby (or whoever else might be in the room) which was really helpful when we needed to calm our son down. I could start using calming words through the app while I was on my way up to the room to intervene! We also loved that with the advanced night vision we were able to peak in on the baby at night without waking up the whole house going up to check on her!

Prepare Your Child As Much as Possible

When I was pregnant with Super B, we spent months getting our son ready to have a new baby sister. We read books. We watched movies. We had long talks. Anything and everything was fair game when it came to getting ready for bringing home a baby.

We were lucky in that one of our son’s favorite tv characters got a baby sister while I was pregnant. We had a new opportunity to talk about what to expect every time we watched an episode. When the tv character got jealous, we could talk about why he felt that way and how we can manage our feelings. We also had luck with picking a name for the baby early and sharing it with the boys. That way it wasn’t just “a baby” in mommy’s tummy, but it was their sister. They started to understand she was a real person once she had a name.

Prepare an Emergency Plan

As much as I want to tell you that with all of these tips you’re going to have a simple and blissful return home with your baby, intense kids can still throw us curveballs. They’ll still have meltdowns that they can’t control. They’ll still have rough days that make your days 100 times harder. They’ll still have moments where they’re a bit too rough with the baby and you panic. In those moments, you’ll be thanking me for telling you to prepare an emergency plan. While it may seem extreme, think about the fact that you’ve likely got a plan for an earthquake. I promise that a meltdown is probably a lot more likely than an earthquake, so you should be prepared.

Make sure that your intense child has a safe place in your home that they can “escape” to, and that they are comfortable using it when they need to. Have phone numbers available for any therapists, specialists, or emergency personnel that you might need (and make sure your babysitters have these too).

Plan what each member of the family will do in the event of a meltdown. Maybe you take the baby to another room and your husband helps your intense child to their safe place. Maybe you put the baby safely in her crib and you help your kiddo manage the meltdown. Whatever works for your family is perfect, but make sure you know the plan!

How to Peacefully Introduce A Newborn to Your Intense Child

If you’re bringing home a baby when you have an intense child, I don’t think anything will give you the peace of mind that the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera, can. It has a nightlight and music player that you can control from your phone, as well as a noise and motion sensor that can alert you to whether the noise is specifically your baby crying!

Even as our kids have grown we still love using the Arlo Baby to keep an eye on the playroom while we’re not in there, and it’s amazing to use the two-way radio to settle fights without having to step foot in the room! What is your best tip for bringing home a baby when you have an intense child?

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