Marvelous Minion Playdough Kit

One of my absolute favorite things to do with my kids is make playdough kits. Every time my kids are fascinated by a new movie, a new toy, or a new topic, we make playdough together and create a fun play kit. Since the new Despicable Me movie is coming out soon, my kids haven’t stopped talking about the Minions. For our newest playdough kit, we put together a really fun playdough kit and let our partner, Bounty, take care of the mess so we could have more play time and more time to connect. As part of the Quicker Picker Upper Crew, we had the pleasure of creating our newest playdough kit in celebration of the release of Despicable Me 3.

Super Simple Minion Playdough Kit

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As soon as our box of goodies arrived from Bounty, we knew exactly what we wanted to make to celebrate the new movie. In fact, there were so many ideas that my four year old came up with, that I think we could have had an entire Minion party.

In celebration of the new Despicable Me 3 movie, Bounty is introducing limited-edition Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints paper towels and quilted napkins that make clean-up quick and fun!

When we saw the adorable Despicable Me 3 lunchbox, we knew it would be perfect for our newest playdough kit. It is perfect for summer fun!

Super Simple Minions Playdough Kit

Minion Playdough Kit

What You Need to Make a Simple Minion Playdough Kit

Despicable Me 3 Lunchbox
Minion Magnets
Google Eyes
Ziplock Containers
Bounty Despicable Me 3 Paper Towels
Homemade Playdough in Blue and Yellow (This is our favorite homemade playdough recipe by far)

To get started, start by making a batch of your favorite playdough recipe. This is the perfect time to grab your Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints. This way you can let Bounty take care of the mess and you can enjoy more smiles and memory making moments with your littles.

Minion Playdough Kit

Follow the instructions to make the playdough, but divide the recipe in half before you add the water. This way you can make two colors. Add a few drops of yellow to one bowl and blue to the second bowl. Mix and mix until your dough comes together.

Minion Playdough Kit

Make sure that when you mix the playdough, you keep your Bounty paper towels close by and wait until the dough is cool enough to touch. Let your kids dig into the dough and knead it until all the flour is mixed well.

Minion Playdough Kit

Now that you have a new batch of playdough perfect for Minion making, you are ready to put your playdough kit together.

The Perfect Minion Playdough Kit

Minion Playdough Kit

Using your containers, divide up your playdough and fill the containers with the playdough. In the small containers, add the googly eyes and magnets to use later to create your Minions. Finally, in the extra space, fold up a few of the Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints so they are easily accessible for containing the mess and available for a playdough mat.

Now, you are ready to let your child play to their hearts content. Super B ended up playing with her kit for hours. We had so much fun making Minions of all sizes together.

Minion Playdough Kit

You can make Minions with overalls and all. Super B loved using the Bounty paper towels as a template to make her Minions.

Minion Playdough Kit

You can also make the Minions however you like. We made Minions for several hours. It was so much fun.

Minion Playdough Kit

There are so many fun things you can do with your playdough kit and so many ways you can celebrate the new movie releasing June 30.

Minion Playdough Kit

You can tell Super B is raised by a blogger mom, she immediately asked for my phone and wanted to take pictures of her new Minions.

Minion Playdough Kit

One of the best parts of this entire activity… at the end of all of it, I was able to wipe the table one time, sweep up the playdough mess and give Super B hugs. We cleared the table and got ready for our dinner thanks to Bounty.

If you are planning this activity as part of a Despicable Me 3 themed party,you can add some fun Bounty paper towels to your set-up. The NEW Bounty prints featuring Despicable Me 3 come in Paper Towel and Quilted Napkins and are a must-have for any Minion party or craft activity.

Minion Playdough Kit

Keep the celebration going and be sure to check out Despicable Me 3 (rated PG) when it hits theaters on June 30!

Now that we’ve done this simple sensory activity, I am even more excited about making more crafts and easy recipes to make our own Minion themed party (even if it is just with our family). What would you add to your Minion birthday party plans?

This conversation is sponsored by Bounty, as part of the Quicker Picker Upper Crew but all opinions are my own. 

Minion Playdough Kit for Busy Families and Busy Kids

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