6 Minute Morning Routine That Will Literally Save Your Sanity at a Time When Everything Feels So Heavy

Do you wake up already exhausted before the day has ever even started? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, like every day is another terrible day and it feels like ground hog day.

You are not alone.

Let’s face it. Parents of out-of-the-box kids are short on time. Everyone is pulling for our attention. Our kids need us to watch them 24-7, our house isn’t going to clean itself, our family needs food and meals cooked, and now with the craziness of “our new normal” it feels like we are pulled in even more directions than ever.

As a result, most moms find themselves putting their own needs and wants at the bottom of the list and therefore never getting to taking time for themselves.

Now I want to be clear, I am not talking about some elaborate weekend away (how many of us would love to just leave our house right now). What I’m talking about is dedicated time to focus on your own thoughts and feelings.

tips for Overwhelmed mom during crisis

Only 6 Minutes Can Change Everything

Just a few months ago, I was sitting in a conference listening to a man who had died twice describe an outlook on life that was similar to mine. He went on to describe a morning routine that he had created by researching and combining habits from leaders in various industries. I am forever grateful I had the chance to listen to Hal Elrod and for his Miracle Morning Routine.

As I listened I knew I wanted to try this new routine but I knew to be successful at it I would have to start small. So I modified his routine into a 6 minute morning routine for busy moms.

I did this for 2 weeks before sharing with others because I wanted to test it out for myself. And the results were staggering.

My ability to remain calm increased.

My frustration levels decreased.

My energy increased.

My mental fog and anxiety decreased.

How to get more energy during a time of crisis

A few weeks back I sent out an email, encouraging readers to take 6 minutes for themselves.

Such a small tiny ask. 6 minutes out of the 1440 minutes in a day.

And I was told by so many people that six minutes was too big of an ask.

Now this is where many won’t like what I have to say…. but because I know the pure power of these 6 minutes, I want to ask…

If you can’t take six minutes for yourself…

How do you expect the behaviors are struggling with , the challenges you’re dealing with?

The overwhelm that you’re going through to go away?

If you can’t even spend six minutes on yourself,

Here’s the thing.

You deserve it.

You are important.

Your sanity needs you to at least spend that six minutes on yourself.

Are you in? If so, I will share the modified 6 minute morning routine with you now.

Morning Routine for Overwhelmed Mom

6 Minute Morning Routine For Overwhelmed Moms

It’s time to get down to business. First, find a time when you can steal away for 6 minutes. This could be before your kids get up, while they eat breakfast, when they do their first activity for the day… just find 6 minutes to set aside.

Now, set your timer for 6 minutes. I love time timers, not just for my kids but for myself as well.

Minute 1: Silence

Simply get quiet. You’re just going to sit in silence. That’s right. No thinking, no music, no talking.  You’re just gonna breathe in and out and just focus on the breath.

Any time you start to think of something else and your brain starts to wonder, know this is totally normal. You’re just gonna say, “focus on the breathing” and you’re just gonna breathe for one straight minutes.

Minute 2: Affirmations

Now I know affirmations can sound super hokey. And if you’re not used to doing them, it might feel completely uncomfortable. So for the affirmation, you’re basically gonna tell yourself something that you can believe and something that you are setting an intention for. So you’re gonna go ahead and set something that you believe and that you’re gonna take daily action towards making happen.

For example, you could just say “I am enough. I am loved. I am important.”

And that is enough to get you going if you’re just getting started on this journey.

Don’t overthink it at this point.

Minute 3: Visualization

This is something that high performance athletes do before any game or tournament. The idea is that you want to visualize the end in mind.

So if you are having super overwhelming days and you are losing your ever loving mind when your kids start fighting or arguing.

You’re gonna visualize you walking into the room calmly walking over to your kids, getting down on their level, putting your hand on your shoulder and helping them. Problem solved. You’re just gonna visualize walking through that moment so you can.

Here’s the cool part… Your brain gets used to what this looks like out of the moment and can’t tell the difference between what you are visualizing and what’s happening, meaning it will become easier and easier to react this way in the moment.

Minute 4: Exercise

You might think 1 minute of exercise isn’t doing enough or worth it… but trust me, it is.

You don’t have to get on a treadmill.

You don’t have to go for a long walk.

You don’t have to go to the gym,

Simply get up and do some jumping jacks.

Just jump.

Just run in place, do some sit ups, do some stretches.

You just need to move your body.

And if you can get your heart rate up for one minute, it’s gonna set you up for success for the rest of the day.

Morning Routine for Overwhelmed Mom

Minute 5: Read

Now it’s time to read something for one minute and I’m going to challenge you to not read something on Facebook because Facebook is reactive.

Facebook is putting information out for us to react to.

Instead, you get to choose what your brain reads to start the day.

Read three new pages of a book that you’ve been dying to read.

Read 2 new pages of a lesson.

Spend one minute just reading a poem that really encourages you.

Ninja tip: I like to plan this the day before so that I know what I’m gonna be reading so that I don’t have to go looking and I’ll just spend a minute looking for something to read.

Minute 6: Write (Scribe)

This is where you’re gonna write something down.

You could write down something you’re grateful for.

You could write down your intention for the day. We do something in our program where we establish our Big Three priorities for the day.

You could write down your rocks for the day.

Whatever you do, you want to write something down.

Ninja tip: If you’re in a place of overwhelm, I would encourage you to focus on something positive.

What is one positive thing? What is one thing going well for you right now that you could be grateful for and you can be thankful for.

Morning Routine for Overwhelmed Mom


Are you in? Will You Take the 6 Minute Challenge?

How many of you guys can can commit to giving yourself six minutes a day?

That’s it. Six minutes a day.

That’s all I’m asking for. So if you are committed to yourself, to your own well being, if you are struggling in your life, if you feel like no one else can possibly understand how stressful your life is, I am telling you, giving yourself six minutes is the start. Not focusing on all the tools, all the strategies, all the things, but instead six minutes to yourself to put your own oxygen mask on first to take care of yourself first, and then you are going to be ready for whatever the day.

I want to encourage each and every one of you guys to go forth. Conquer day. If you do the savers (6 minute challenge) please let me know post in our free Facebook group,  or put it right here in the comments. Heck, send me an email, but I want to know if you are committed to doing six minutes a day.

PS. Many people have asked for the original video to follow along to, I have added it below for your convenience.

6 Minute Morning Routine for Overwhelmed Moms: 

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