Calming Busy Bag for Busy Fingers

If I have learned one thing over the last few years, it is that you should always keep something handy for a child with busy fingers. I am excited to share our calming busy bag for any child with busy fingers.

Calming Busy Box for Busy Fingers


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What You Need For Your Calming Busy Bag

~ Cotton Hair Ties (we got ours at the Dollar Store)
~ Small Container

Materials for Calming Busy Bags

Making a Calming Busy Bag

This busy bag is super simple to make and fun for preschool and older. Since we got all the supplies at the dollar store, it was super inexpensive as well. While I know that busy bags, need to be reusable, I felt this was the perfect combination of fun, function, and reusability. We made sure it was easy to take apart our creation and redo them over and over.

This calming busy bag can go anywhere with you. Waiting at a doctor’s office? On a plane trip? While you cook dinner? The possibilities are endless! Just throw the hair ties in a box and you are ready to go. The following instructions might need to be given before you give the busy bag to your children to do independently.

Spring Busy Bag Finger knitting

Calming Busy Fingers with a Simple Busy Bag

If you have ever met a fidgety child, you know they always seem to be touching something or putting something in their fingers. This busy bag will help with that problem. With a multitude of colors and options, your child can use these hair ties as “rainbow looms” and create a finger knit product. This can be a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or even a belt. (It just depends on how many hair ties you have on hand)

How to Fidget Chain Using Your Busy Bag

How to make a simple finger knit project without rainbow looms

Start by holding out 2 fingers (the pointer and tall finger).

Then place 1 hair tie around those fingers, twisting in the middle like a figure 8.

Now, place a new hair tie around your fingers and twist it the same way. {You should have 2 figure 8s on your hands}

Finally, pull the first loop over the new one, one finger at a time. You can repeat this step over and over again until you have the desired length or until you have satisfied the need to fidget.

However, if you decide to tie off your fidget chain, you can follow the following instructions.

Calming Fidgety Busy Box

After you have slipped your loops off your fingers, grab them tightly to keep them together. On the end where you have two loops, put one end through the opening and pull, which will give you a nice “piece” at the end of your line.

Finally, tie your new fidget bracelet together and you are ready to go! My kids have lots of fidgets so they decided they wanted to put their favorite essential oil on it (despite me never saying these would be good essential oils. )

DIY Fidget BraceletHave you ever tried anything fun to help a child who fidgets? I would love to hear all about them !

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