Toddler 4-in-1 Rainbow Busy Box

We have been on a rainbow kick around here lately! From rainbow explosions for the big kids to rainbow snacks for everyone, we have been adding so much color to our lives! As part of the ongoing busy bag series, we have created a 4-in-1 Toddler Rainbow Busy Box, which will be perfect for our upcoming flight with our 21 month old!

Toddler Busy Box for Travel

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This 4-in-1 Rainbow Busy Box is excellent for home, restaurants, travel and so much more!  I know in our home, our toddler is into EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME! She is, well, busy! When I was trying to figure out a busy bag I wanted to make her for this trip, I realized I needed more than just one idea and it needed to fit in a small space. Enter the 4-in-1 Toddler busy box. It had everything she would need all in one place. It was perfect!

Materials Needed for a Toddler Rainbow Busy Box

Would you shoot me if I told you that you needed anything small and rainbow colored? Okay, I can get a little more specific with what we chose, but I would love to see what you come up with, because honestly, I don’t want you going out to find the exact thing you need or it could make this less easy and less fun. Busy boxes aren’t suppose to keep mama busy!

Items for Sorting (We used pom poms)
Items for Snacking (We used rainbow goldfish and a few other veggies and fruits)
Items for Lacing (We used thick straws and pipe cleaners)
Items for Stacking (We used pouch caps)

1 Tupperware container for all of the items
1-2 smaller containers for loose items
1-2 Rainbow Pill sorters (we got these at the dollar store)

Toddler Rainbow Busy Box

Now for the fun part… Let’t take everything out and see what’s inside!

1. Toddler Rainbow Stacking Activity

Rainbow Stacking Busy Bag

This activity was pretty simple to put together. Our toddler is in love with the yogurt squeeze pack, so we are saving the lids to find cool activities to do with them. This was an activity we noticed she was doing already and really had a lot of fun with.

2. Toddler Rainbow Lacing Activity

Toddler Rainbow Lacing Activity

My toddler was in love with this activity! Basically, we cut 1 pipe cleaner of each color down to size and cut bug fat straws to resemble beads. She loved matching the colors (shh, don’t tell anyone we couldn’t find a blue straw for the pictures) and she especially loved turning it over and dumping them off.

3. Toddler Rainbow Sorting Activity

Toddler Rainbow Sorting Activity

Who doesn’t love poof balls? I know my little on does. She loved stuffing and un-stuffing the little containers with her tiny fingers.

4. Toddler Rainbow Snack

Toddler Rainbow Snack

All that play and sorting, and matching and lacing makes a toddler very, very hungry!!! I know, I know.. this isn’t technically a “busy bag” because the food isn’t reusable, but it is useful! We will definitely be filling this up again for our flight next week!

If that was not enough rainbow madness for you, we have more! over 15 more Rainbow Busy Bags in fact!

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Do you have a favorite rainbow activity or take with you busy bag? I’d love to see it! Tag me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest, or Instagram ! I can’t wait to see your ideas!

But wait! Don’t go… Want even more Rainbow Fun?

More Adventures in Color

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