25 Totally Awesome Candy-Free Valentines

My son started back to public school this year, so this is the first year we are dealing with the class full of Valentines. Now, I don’t want to be that mom, but I just know that my kids are going to get way too much candy, and I’ll have to deal with the sugar crash. So I’ve been on a hunt for some totally awesome candy-free Valentines, and I decided to share the best of the best with you!

Valentine's Day Non-Candy Printable Valentines

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If you are looking for a candy-free Valentine treat for your child to take to class, look no further! These awesome valentines are cute, clever, and fun. Your kid will be a class favorite! Plus, all of the moms of your kid’s classmates are going to love you for being one less sugar filled treat they have to deal with!

25+ Totally Awesome Candy-Free Valentines

From robots to dinosaurs, from crayons to cootie cleaners, you’re sure to find the perfect non-candy valentine for your kid to bring to their classroom party!

Non Candy Valentines Day Cards

Crayon Mustache Valentines

Kinetic Sand Valentines

Whoo Loves to Read?

Robot Non-Candy Favors and Printable Valentines

Non Candy Valentines

Animal Toy Valentines

I Wheelie Like You

Write Kind of Friend

Roaring Dinosaur Non-Candy Valentine Printables

Non Candy Valentines for Kids

Seed Packet Valentines

Astronaut Valentines

Cootie Cleaner 

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

Kid Made Non Candy Valentines

Color My World

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

You “Rule” Valentines

Retro Robot Non-Candy Valentines with Nuts and Bolts Treats

Kid Made Sensory Friendly Valentines

Monster Play Dough

Valentines Slime

I’ve Got My Eyes on You

Sensory Friendly Valentine’s Day Favors

Printable Valentines with Non Candy Treats

Let’s Build Together

Bug Jars

Yoda Best

Printable DIY Lego Valentine’s Day Cards

Unique Non-Candy Valentines

Love is a Battlefield

Out of This World

Peg Dolls

Sensory Friendly Bubble Valentine with Free Printable

Unique Non-Candy Valentines

Sticky Hands

Glitter Chalk Hearts

Blow Me a Kiss

Spinning Top Sensory Valentine

25 Must Try Valentine's Printable Non-Candy Valentines Cards

Which is your favorite candy-free valentine? I am a sucker for any of them that have puns!

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Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines


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