Sensory Friendly Bubble Valentine with Free Printable

Valentine’s Day can be a minefield for children with sensory issues, which is why we’re bringing you a collection of Sensory Valentine’s! This Bubble Valentine is super easy to assemble with our free printable valentine.

You Blow Me Away Sensory Valentine

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Bubbles are a great sensory material for encouraging deep breathing and giving children a fun focus in moments of transition or frustration.

As an emotional regulation tool, they work well in group environments as they are quiet but also enjoyable to the other children in the environment. There’s something really wonderful about a frustrated child focusing on their breathing with bubbles and then being surrounded by peers who are delighted with the magical appearance of bubbles.

Playing with Bubble Sensory Valentines

How To Make a Sensory Friendly Bubble Valentine

First, gather your materials:

  • “You Blow Me Away” Printable (download at the bottom of this post) printed on paper or cardstock
  • Individual bottles of bubble solution
  • Scissors (or pre-cut the printable)
  • For smaller bottles: hole punch & ribbon
  • For large bottles: clear school glue & rubber bands

We were able to find full-size bottles of bubbles really cheap from a party supplier, but I also used a few smaller bottles (the kind typically given out as wedding favours) in case that’s what you’re able to find. Kids will be happy to receive either!

How to make bubble sensory valentines

There are a few different ways you can assemble these Bubble Valentines:

  1. You can cut the paper to fit around your bubble bottle and glue the ends directly to the bottle.
  2. Or, you can punch a hole in the printable Valentine and attach it to a bottle with some ribbon or string.

Either option are really easy for kids to do independently, and they are a much more exciting Valentine for them to give to friends than the typical candy or chocolate.


Bubble Sensory Valentine's Printable Download


Click to download

We’re putting together a mix of different Sensory Valentine’s for my daughter to pass around on Valentine’s Day at her school – these Bubble Valentines, our A-MAZE-ing Valentines, and some Spinning Valentines!

bubble blowing sensory valentine

Have you ever tried blowing bubbles with your kids in frustrating moments? What will your kids be handing out on Valentine’s Day?

Sensory Friendly Valentines Day Treats


Jennifer is a Canadian psychologist and single mom staying home full-time to homeschool her daughter. She shares hands-on learning ideas, parenting inspiration, and recipes daily on her blog, Study at Home Mama.

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