Can’t Miss Podcasts for Moms (So You Dont’ Have to Feel So Alone)

I am so behind the times. Podcasts are these elusive things that I know exists but I have never truly understood or gotten into. In fact, on my last 10 hour drive, I put out a desperate call for podcasts to try out. I think I listened to maybe one or two and then it was back to listening to my 90s music I know so well. However, that doesn’t change the fact, that there actually are some really good podcasts out there and they can be exactly what a mom needs to feel not so alone.

Just the other day, a reader wrote asking if I, Lemon Lime Adventures, had my own podcast. I tried not to laugh. You see, she has no idea just how lost I am in the world of podcasting. I’ve been a guest on a few and even that confused me. Secondly, I am not organized enough to actually post on a regular basis. If that is what it’s called.. posting?

Nevertheless, I wanted to help this reader. She gave me a huge compliment in the fact that she trusted me to be a new source of information for her. The least I could do was do some digging and find some amazing podcasts for moms. It would be a bonus if I could find some podcasts for special needs moms as well.

Totally Awesome Can't Miss Podcasts for Moms

So off I went on my mission.

I am proud to say I know of two amazing podcasts, even with my limited knowledge. When I get a chance I do try to listen to an episode of each of these for very different reasons.

#1 Tilt Parenting Podcast

This podcast is perfect for anyone raising a differently wired child. In fact, this is one I listen to with my son often. It is a mom and son team that speak about the challenges of being and raising differently wired kids. Ascher is the same age as my son and faces many of the same struggles. The topics and discussions are always reassuring and thought provoking.

Click here to start listen to Tilt Parenting Podcasts

#2 The Extremely Good Parenting Podcast with Kara Carrera

I am a tad biased to this podcast. I was a guest last year and talked about how to handle meltdowns in public. Kara talks about real issues that real parents face day to day in raising children of all ages. She perfectly finds the good in parenting, even when we feel like we are failing.

Click here to start listen to Extremely Good Parenting Podcasts

#3 SPD Parent Zone Podcast

Here is another one I am slightly biased to. I have met Kelly and she is pretty phenomenal. My episode on her podcast was the very first time I was on a podcast. It was scary and fun all at the same time. Kelly interviews amazing woman and men in the world of sensory. She also puts on some pretty amazing online conferences that I always get so much out of.

Click here to start listen to SPD Parent Zone Podcast

If this list relied on my knowledge of podcasts, this list would be over. Not that great of a list, right?

Good thing, I know some pretty awesome bloggers, have a great sensory support group and followed closely in a gifted support group I am in. Here is what I found.

Podcasts for Parents that Rock

#4 Read Aloud Revival Podcast

“Because OMG, I love reading with my kids! I have like 5 different town’s library cards.” ~ Julie Nixon

Click here to start listen to Read Aloud Revival Podcasts

#5 God Centered Mom Podcast

“I love the God Centered Mom (always touches and inspires me both practically and emotionally)” ~ Angela Pruess

Click here to start listen to God Centered Mom Podcasts

#6  Zen Parenting Radio

 “A husband and wife who talk about pop-culture another parenting themes through the lens of mindfulness.” ~ Angela Pruess

Click here to start listen to Zen Parenting Podcasts

#7 Boss-Mom podcast

“Mostly biz stuff but with a mom bent. Great, actionable info and highly entertaining.” ~ Jeanette Nyberg

Click here to start listen to Boss-Mom Podcasts

#8 Mom and Dad Are Fighting Podcast

“I like “Mom and Dad are Fighting” on Slate. It’s a woman/man team (but not a couple), and they are pretty funny. They talk about parenting wins and fails, hot topics in the media having to do with kids, and have interesting guests (authors, filmmakers, academics, etc.).” ~ Megan Lingo

Click here to start listen to the Mom and Dad are Fighting Podcasts

#9 Recapture Yourself

“It’s all about reclaiming time for creativity and not losing your identity as a mom.” ~ Beryl Young

Click here to start listen to the Recapture Yourself Podcasts

More Awesome Podcasts for Moms and Parents

10. Janet Lansbury’s Respectful Parenting Podcast –

A podcast dedicated to respectful parenting and positive parenting techniques.

Click here to start listening to Unruffled Podcasts

11. Have New Kid by Friday Podcast by Dr. Kevin Leman 

Have a New Kid by Friday is dedicated to helping you, the parent, with insights, how to enjoy your kids and gain valuable parenting tools.

Click here to start listening to Have a New Kid By Friday Podcasts

Sometimes, us moms need to get away from everything “mom” related. Here are a few non-mom podcasts worth checking out! (At least that’s what I was told.)

12. Missing Richard Simmons

“I also really enjoy a lot of non-parenting related podcasts. I think sometimes it’s important to get out of the ‘mommy mindset’ some days. Current fav is ‘Missing Richard Simmons'” ~Beryl Young

Click here to start listen to the Missing Richard Simmons Podcasts

Do you have a favorite podcast you think other moms HAVE to know about? Let me know what it is and why you love it so much and I will try to add it to the list!

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1 thought on “Can’t Miss Podcasts for Moms (So You Dont’ Have to Feel So Alone)”

  1. Amber Shannon

    These are all amazing suggestions!! Parenthood is something so many of us experience and it’s so nice to have a medium to zone out and relate to.

    We started a podcast titled “Lonely Moms Podcast” to add to the variety of what’s out there today as some parental escapism and comfort food to the both daunting and hilarious growing pains.

    Just wanted to add to the list ◡̈

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