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Childhood is such a beautiful thing. Untouched by all the weight of the world, children have this uncanny ability to brighten our day, see the good in the world, and imagine anything is possible.  That is why we are closing out our 10 day Series on Baby’s First Year by celebrating childhood. Just as we began the series by celebrating motherhood with real stories from real moms, today we are going to share real stories about real children.

Celebrating Childhood

In honor of our children, along with my collaborators, we are sharing real stories of our children. Stories that inspire us, keep us motivated or just brighten our days.

Today I would love to share a video from each of my children that brighten my days. One of our favorite family activities is to watch old videos from when the children were younger. The videos I have chosen are silly, just as they should be.

I hope you enjoy.

“Maha” starring Super B

This video was taken when Legoman has just started homeschooling (Bones was still in public school). Super B was watching her brother film a video as a project, so we had the camera out already. We filmed her laughing, which was cute by itself.

Later that night when we were editing Legoman’s movie, we noticed that when we slowed down and played this video over and over it had a pretty funny effect. So, we turned it into a video and it has become one of our favorites. {although Super B is pretty funny, and we have tons of videos that we love to watch over and over of her}.

“Boy and a Bag” starring Bones

We actually just rediscovered this video. When I sat down to write this post, the family agreed that the video of him dressed as a puppy dog or him singing in the shower was the winner. Sadly, we searched and searched but couldn’t find the dog video anywhere. Bones DID NOT want me to post his shower video {it is pretty funny, though}.

I LOVE how this video highlights his personality. To this day, 5 years later, he is still a ball of laughs and physical humor. He loves to play games, make you laugh and is always trying to brighten the room.

“Dirt-Eese” starring Legoman

This is hands-down one of my favorite videos of Legoman. I love watching his thought process as he explains the mess he got himself into here. I love the way he innocently says some of his words. More than anything, I love that he is looking at me. This is something that I cherish. Eye contact with him is few and far between, and when I get it, I feel so connected.

I love that this video shows so much of his inqisitive nature, his love for conversation, and his ability to make me smile even when he has “gotten into something”.

Each of my children are special and unique. Each one has a special quality that I would not change for anything. So, today I am celebrating them! I celebrate their differences, their uniqueness, and their crazies. I celebrate their strengths and their flaws. Most of all, I celebrate them!

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Childhood: Real Stories | Real Children”

  1. Your children are so cute! It’s funny how many of us (bloggers from this blog hop), we had the same idea. Sharing funny stories in videos are such a joy for us.
    I started to film more my kids after writing my post last week. And it’s really something they love to be part of.
    Thanks for all your hard work Dayna!

  2. 😀 yes they are really cute. I also like to shoot such videos of my kids, i will post one such soon.

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