Classic Science | Mentos and Soda Experiment

Welcome back for another STEM Saturday! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be sharing some of our favorite science experiments. Each of the experiments are classics but are experiments we think every kid should try at least once! Have you ever heard of the mentos and soda experiment? I am sure you have! Well, we did this one but we did it with a twist! In fact, we did it 3 different ways and can’t wait to tell you about it!

Mento Science Experiment Variations

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3 Variations of Mentos and Soda Experiment

Variations of Mentos and Soda Experiment

Setting up the Experiment

Did you know the classic “mentos & soda” experiment is actually a demonstration. What this means, is that it usually does not involve problem solving or predictions. Instead, it simply demonstrates the reasoning behind the explosion of soda. Turning this classic demonstration into a science experiment is as easy as one, two, three.

Basically you want to involve the children. What do they think? How do they think you should do the demonstration. What variables do they think they could manipulate to change the outcome of the experiment?


You will need:
Soda (depending on how many variables you want to adjust, you might want several kinds)

Yardstick or measuring tape
Mentos dispenser (we wish we had this)

Conducting the Experiment

We made three variations to this simple and classic experiment. The boys wanted to test size of the bottle, type of soda, and number of Mentos. They also wanted to explore type of Mentos but they ran out of steam before we could get to it.

The important thing to remember is that you only want to test one variable at a time. You will also want to have the children determine HOW they will judge the various experiments.

How many Mentos Do You Need?

How many mentos do I put in soda

The first experiment the boys wanted to was to test the amount of Mentos we needed. We chose to use a smaller bottle for this experiment, while we figured out the best Mentos to Soda Ratio. Trying to fit 2 packs of Mentos into a bottle was near impossible.

What Size Soda Works Best with Mentos?

Mentos and Soda Experiment

This one was really fun! As you can see the large bottle had the best results! We had a little mishap with getting the Mentos in at one time, which is why I think we would love the Mentos dispenser. The boys noticed that the smallest bottle didn’t have room for the Mentos and soda to react, resulting in a smaller reaction. Now we were ready for the big experiment!

What Kind of Soda is Best?

Mentos and Soda Experiment Which Soda is best

This was the mother of all mothers! I mean look at their faces! We tested several sodas including Soda Water!

Mento Science Experiment

Mentos and 7up Experiment

We had so much fun doing this experiment and the kids ask to do it over and over again! What variable would you try changing?

Mentos Geysers

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