DIY Plinko Game {Play with Oreos}

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons. The opinions and text are all mine.

Oreos are one of those things that everyone loves. First, there’s the many ways you can eat them… twist them, dunk them, bite them. Then there’s the endless possibilities of ways you can play with your Oreos, from science to fun, the fun doesn’t end. People always say you shouldn’t play with your food, but when Oreos are around, its almost impossible not to. Just this weekend, we created our very own DIY Plinko Game just to play with Oreos.

Plink with Oreo Cookies DIY Games for Kids

What You Need to Play with Oreos

1 Large Pegboard {We used a 4ft x 4ft and had it cut in half.}

2 Small 1/4 inch Wooden Pegs

Washi Tape

Red Velvet Oreos

Milk {optional}

Oreo Plinko Set up

How to Make Your Own DIY Plinko Game to Play with Oreos

Creating your Plinko game might seem like it will take tons of time, but I want to assure you we set this up in under 10 minutes and were playing in no time!

Creating a DIY Plinko board

The first step is to measure and divide your board evenly so that you can put the pegs in triangular form.

Triangle design on Plinko Board Game

The next step is to set up the game section. For the purpose of playing with our Oreos, we decided to turn “Plinko” into a game of “Dunko”. We now made the goal of the game to get your Oreo in the middle to dunk it.

Creating a Plinko Game for Oreos

We did this by creating “lanes” for the oreos to funnel into at the bottom. We made 2 lanes for “out of bounds” and then marked the others “Twist It, Dunk It, Bite It”. Now we were ready to play our Plinko Game!

Play with Oreos and DIY Plinko Game Board

The boys had a blast playing with the game. So much that they ended up testing many more  materials to put down their Plinko board. We played all night! Now the boys have thought of about 10 other ways to play with Oreos.

Oreo Dunking

How would you play with your Oreos? Do you have something fun and unique?

Let’s Stop and Play with Oreo.

What creative ways can you find to play? Snap a photo and enter for a chance to win some really cool prizes!

Play with Oreo


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons. The opinions and text are all mine.


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