Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors

Parenting and educating little ones can be a tough gig. Some of the behaviors kids exhibit can be downright baffling and often frustrating. Over the course of my 12 years as a classroom educator and in my years as a parent I often hear outsiders describe children by their behaviors, adding insulting and degrading labels to them such as “brat”, “spoiled”, “defiant”, and so on. However, I don’t often hear or find people talking about the real reason for these troubling behaviors. That is why I have joined with over 40 bloggers to take a look at everyday kid behaviors and dig a little deeper.
Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors

Just the other day I read a great article about the top 10 worst parenting words used to describe children. The article was a great read and pointed to some pretty hurtful words that are often used to describe a child and their behaviors.

Many times, people that don’t understand the reason behind the behaviors might say … “oh your child is so “whiney” so “bratty” , etc. “

They don’t realize that these behaviors often point to a sensory need that needs to be met.

Everyday Kid Behaviors Can be Linked to Your Child’s Sensory Systems

Did you know that your child has 8 sensory systems?

I know I didn’t know this until my son was diagnosed with something called Sensory Processing Disorder. It took having a son with extreme “red flag” behaviors to get me to learn about something that all children have and needs that all children need fullfilled.

The fact is, this applies to ALL children, not just children with special needs. Unfortunately, it often takes having or taking care of a child with special needs to learn about sensory processing. I often hear “my child doesn’t have sensory issues so this doesn’t matter.” When the opposite is true.. all children have sensory needs.

We all have 8 senses, therefore, we all have a sensory system that needs to be organized. Some of us might need help organizing a little more than others, and children are no exception.

I am extremely excited to announce our series on Everyday Kid Behaviors and the sensory behind the behavior. Over the course of 5 weeks we shared stories, resource, and tools to support your child’s sensory needs. I encourage you to take a look at the list below and see if you see any familiar behaviors in a child you know.

I hope you follow bookmark and pin this exciting and informative series because parenting can be hard. Lets face it, the more we understand our children’s behaviors the more we are able to connect with them. Which, of course, is our ultimate goal.

 Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors

 Do you know why this child is crying? Does this scene look familiar?

Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors


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Project Sensory

Wait, There’s More Support for Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors!

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of our new site… Project {launching October 1, 2014}

Although it started as a store-front for our Sensory Toolkits, Project Sensory is so much more than just a backpack with some tools. In fact, it has grown into a vision and a mission with the hope that it will be a place where people can learn, find resources, tools and support to help their children (or students) regulate their sensory systems (whether it is unorganized or not)

Which is the main mission of Project Sensory… to make “sensory” an everyday word. To get the right tools into the hands of ALL children to help them be successful. We want to educate and support parents, educators, and caregivers as they help their children meet their sensory needs.

We have some BIG plans for Project Sensory and are excited to see where this new adventure takes us. We of course, will still be using Lemon Lime Adventures as our place to share all of our adventures with you, but we hope you will join us on Project Sensory as well.

Curious about Project Sensory?

Here are a few of the most exciting bits…

Introducing Sensory Fix

1) Sensory Fix™ { Available for Pre-Order October-Decemeber at an introductory price}

We have spent the last two months tirelessly searching for the best prices, the best quality, and the most effective sensory tools to bring you our Sensory Toolkits. You can now purchase your very own toolkit, without having to piece them together yourself. Guess what? We even found a way to make the price less than if you bought all the items on Crazy, Right?


2) Printables

For the last year, on Lemon Lime Adventures, I have created tons of printables for you to use and download (did you know this?) Unfortunately, they get lost in the sea of posts and adventures. Now you can head over to Project Sensory and find all the free printables ready and accessible for you to download.

Donate Sensory Tools

3) Giving Back

We believe that ALL children have sensory needs. In fact, we so strongly believe this that we want to give back. After 12 years in the classroom, I was never trained in addressing the Sensory Needs of my students. Now, through my work in the Sensory Support Group, I hear more and more that parents wish others just knew about “Sensory”. We want to make that happen, so…

We are committing to donate 1 Sensory Fix™ Toolkit to a classroom in need for every 20 kits we sell! (We hope to lower that ratio as we grow and expand… wouldn’t it be cool if some day we could have a Buy One, Give One program. Sensory Tools in Every Classroom in America, or beyond… Wow, now that would be a dream come true!

4) More, More, More…

Honestly, we can’t stop thinking about Project Sensory! We are super excited about this adventure and really hope that it will help spread awareness and help others understand everyday kid behaviors a little bit more.

Positive Parenting Solutions

65 thoughts on “Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors”

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Me too! Thank you for all your help!

  1. nikki

    looking forward to the next 5 weeks..

  2. nikki

    looking forward to the next 5 weeks..

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Oh thank you! I can’t wait for many of these posts either!

  3. This is an amazing project. I am so honored to be participating in it. It is going to be an amazing resource for families and parents of any child! Thank you for all your hard work in putting all of this together.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you so much! And thank you for all your hard work on this project! I couldn’t do it without all of you wonderful friends!

  4. Britany Gladhill

    So excited! Fantastic !

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you! I am really excited too!

    1. Shelley

      I have a teen that was really easy before age 9, but I can see where I might have missed some sensory issues with him. Is there anyway to help him at this stage?

      1. Lemon Lime Adventures

        I am no expert, but I would say that it is never too late to give a child what they need Let me know how I can help.

  5. Amy

    I love your blog and am excited for this new project! 🙂 I am a 1st grade teacher and mom of a 5 year old awesome son who is a sensory seeker. I am facing under-informed people on a daily basis who think my kid is a “brat” or that my husband and I are too easy on him and that all he needs is a little tough love and he would behave, etc… I appreciate the work you are doing and whether or not SPD is a stand alone diagnosis or recognized in some medical journal or if schools are obligated to help these kids, I know and you know it is real! I love that you have pointed out the 8 senses and the fact that everyone has to organize their senses and some need more work than others on that organization! Anyways, I am worried for my son’s future in public school and I am a first grade teacher who is an advocate for public school! I hope he and all kids are allowed opportunities to grow and be their best selves! Thank you again for this important work! 🙂

  6. Alli

    I’m so excited for this! We’ve just recently within the last month been given the SPD dx and we are anxiously awaiting the official report so that we can start OT. I’m looking forward to learning everything the next 5 weeks.

  7. Amanda Frank

    Great article! As a first time mom I really like to read different types of advice about toddlers, their behaviors, how to approach them and how to reach them. Have you ever heard of Chantal Kayem? She wrote a book called “The Happy Toddler”, , my friend told me about it and I’ve looked in to it; looks like it would be great reference guide! Thanks for this, it’s a real help!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      I will have to check that book out. Thank you for the reference.

    2. Jackie

      Yes yes I’ve read this boo! It’s so easy to read and has a bunch of real life examples and solutions that make sense! Its packed with a stack of helpful practical information. My fave part is when she talks about the different parenting styles out there (and how they influence the kiddies) and the different types/ personalities of children and how to deal with the behavioral problems of each. Loved it!

  8. Amy

    I am thrilled to have found this sight and the back pack looks awesome!

  9. Thank you for putting together this project! I have learned so much about sensory needs reading all of these articles and I’m sure it will help me with my own children! 🙂

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you for writing! It really means a lot to me to hear everyone’s input!

  10. Kellie Tuttle-Jacobs

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website. My 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son were both diagnosed with sensory processing disorder this summer. My youngest (2 year old) hasn’t been evaluated/diagnosed yet but I can see all of the same signs that my older son displayed. All of this has been extremely overwhelming, so all of this information and these resources are very helpful and appreciated! 🙂

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you for taking the time to write! Have you subscribed to our facebook support group? We are finding it to be a really great resource.

  11. mama berger

    The link to ‘over reacts to everything’ seems to link to something completely unrelated about crash mats?

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      If you read the article, you will see she describes why a crash mat is helpful for kids that over react to behaviors. 🙂

  12. Angel

    Very interesting. Our son ALWAYS has his hand in his mouth. Look forward to learning more about sensory issues!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      So glad this series is helpful for you!

  13. Grace

    I have a four year old with what seem to be some sensory issues that I’m just starting to unravel–there’s so much information out there, I’m a bit overwhelmed with balancing research and just wrangling him through a day. I was wondering, though, none of what I’ve read so far has addressed roaring behaviors. My little one LOVES to roar and doesn’t seem to comprehend that others don’t enjoy being roared at, especially in close quarters. Is this a “normal phase” of childhood (going on three years of habit) that he’ll outgrow or is he asking for some input via this behavior? Thanks so much!

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  15. Wow, great info – thanks for shedding light on this….I’m looking forward to further reading here because I can totally relate to the sock melt downs – that was me! I would totally lose the plot if the sock seam, went around, under my toes when I put my shoes on….. I learn to always grab the seam at the pinky toe and pull it diagonally across the top of my foot before jamming my shoe on. I also had issues with low cut underwear as a kid, mum had to buy special high top cotton tails (I think they were called). Had issues with public outings too, kinda all makes sense. It baffled my mother (I don’t think there was so much info around then). I wonder if it is hereditary? Obviously I haven’t started researching this yet. My mother sweats, turns white and wants to vomit at the sound of bogged cars engines revving…. Even if on TV she has to leave the room….she hasn’t ever grown out of that. My own kids have melt downs too on grass and sand… These they seem to be growing out of with time. That was a long winded comment! Great article and nice you’re giving back too 😉

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you so much for your kind words! So happy this was helpful to you!

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  19. Linda

    Hi, I was so thrilled to be able to purchase tactile items for my touchy, chewy, fiddly, pull apart kind of children. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow through as I live in Australia and your shop only ships to US.
    Sad….. Are you able to refer me to any shops in Australia or ones that ship to here please?
    Thank you.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Hi Linda. We can offer a special shipping rate to Australia as a one off purchase, however it is usually around $60 USD. Which is pretty steep! We haven’t yet found a shop in Australia that we can refer people to. If you are still interested please send us an email with your physical address to orders {at} and we’ll get you a quote for the shipping.

  20. lindsey

    I really wanted to read the article “chews on everything” under Oral processing but when I click the link it takes me to an article about “when “I don’t love you anymore” isn’t just a phase”.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you I will try to fix that!

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  22. melanie

    Thanks so much for your tip. Thanks to you, I went and bought a copy of “The Happy Toddler” and what help it’s been. This is a very well thought out & laid out book; Kayem makes it easy to find the topics pertinent to you and your toddler which for a busy parent is huge. There are helpful graphs and charts, points to remember, easy to follow questions and answers in each section with real-world examples, great ideas (many that are easy to implement) and Kayem even includes a section for parents about rekindling romance, maintaining your relationship with your spouse and more. This is a must-have for any parent who wants to not only be a better parent but also has an interest in understanding their toddler.

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  31. This information is incredible helpful. I am so grateful for finding your website. Thank you!

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  38. Where are the follow up articles to this article? I can’t seem to locate them and it’s not easy to navigate your blog to find them.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      If you click the behaviors, all of them are linked to articles. What information are you looking for?

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