DIY Lego Candy Jars

We are just a tad Lego obsessed around here. From our Lego learning activities to our Lego slime... we are always doing something with Lego. This might be one of my absolute favorite Lego crafts we have ever made. These DIY Lego Candy Jars are perfect for so much more than just candy, not to mention the awesome gifts they make!

DIY Lego Candy Jars for Storage

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Can you imagine how this could be used in a Lego lovers room? Maybe, they could even be party favors for an awesome Lego Birthday Party. There are just so many ideas and uses for these super simple Lego Candy Jars.

Super Simple DIY Lego Candy Jars

Materials for DIY Lego Jars

What You Need to Make Lego Candy Jars

Gold Spray paint
Strong Glue (this is our favorite)
Lego Mini-figures
Any Size Glass Jar

How to Make DIY Lego Candy Jars

Step One: Clean both the mini-figures and the jars.

Step Two: Sand the bottom of the Lego Mini-figure legs and the top of the lid

Step Three: Glue the Mini-figure to the lid in the center and let the Mini-figure dry at least 24 hours for a good “set”.

Gold Plated Lego Candy Jars

Step Four: Holding the spray bottle about 1 foot away, spray the lids and mini-figures until completely covered with paint. Let them dry.

Lego Candy Jars

Now, for the fun part… fill your jars with your favorite candies. We made ours for Father’s day and Mr. Lemon LOVES M&Ms, so we made one for him with his favorite candies and then we made another one with our favorite… skittles.

However, we can’t help but think of how amazingly cute these would be in the bathroom with q-tips and cotton balls. Better yet, what if they were in the playroom with Lego sorted by size. So many possibilities.

DIY Candy Jar with Toys

I don’t know about you, but I think these are pretty adorable and might hit the number one spot for our best craft yet. (We just really really like them.) We can’t stop staring at them.

DIY Candy Jar with Toys

So tell me, what would you put in your Lego Candy Jars?

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