Lego Marble Maze for Valentines Day

We have been on a roll lately learning with our Lego®. Just the other day we made an awesome printable Lego memory game for the whole family and today we made two really fun Valentines Day Lego activities. Today, I am excited to share our Lego marble maze for Valentines Day that the whole family will enjoy!

Lego Love Diy Marble Maze Great for Engineering and Busy Fingers

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If you are a regular here, you know just how much our oldest son (Legoman) loves to build and engineer. Since he was two years old, the way to his heart was through a box of Lego®.

I have to admit, we have been in a bit of a slump in our homeschooling lately, but when I mentioned the idea of working with Lego®, both boys were all in. I didn’t have to beg, yell, or plead to get them to enjoy our learning today. In the past we have made plenty of marble mazes and even ones made out of Lego. However, we have never photographed it and shared it with you.

Today, I’d like to share how you can help guide your child in the engineering of a Lego Marble Maze for Valentines Day. It’s simple and loads of fun!

How to Make a DIY Lego Marble Maze

Large Lego Base Plate (Have you seen these that roll up?)
A Variety of Lego® Pieces (we buy ours used in bulk for projects like this)

Making a Lego Marble Maze for Kids

There are three basic steps to building a DIY Lego Marble Maze.

Step One: Create the outline of the heart. Leave a hole at the top and the bottom of the heart for the marble to escape. You can copy our pattern, or better yet, you can create your own.

Step Two: Using long Lego® pieces (such as 1x2s and 1×4), you will create paths for the marble to run through. You need to leave at least 2-3 rows between any wall. This is the part that might take some trial and error.

Step Three: Try it out and have fun!
Heart Lego Marble Maze

We actually made a really fun video of us playing with the maze, but we have to finalize it before we load it. Be sure to check back or save this post so you can come back and check it out!

Learning with Lego Manipulates Series

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  9. Kristina

    Great engineering activity! So many problem solving skills being addressed!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thanks. I agree, tons of problem solving!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Aren’t they awesome!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you so much!

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