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Welcome back for another STEM Saturday! We have been having a blast learning about force, motion, and gravity the last few days. We can’t wait to share some of the awesome things we have been doing from math, science and engineering for kids. This week we are excited to share a simple 5 minute demonstration that you kids will want to play with for hours!

How to make a marshmallow Catapult

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Engineering for Kids | Creating a Peeps Catapult

Setting up this demonstration is simple and easy to do. Since it is almost Valentines Day, we decided to use Heart shaped peeps and conversation hearts for our ammo, but you could definitely use any seasonal peeps and any ammo.

Catapults with Peeps


Skewers (we recycled ours from a fruit bouquet, but you can get wooden ones too!)

Peeps (any shape)


Plastic Spoon

Rubber Band

Ammo (Candy, puff balls, ping pong balls, you name it)

Creating a Peeps Catapult for Kids

Valentines Peeps Catapult

Step One: Make a triangle out of all of the peeps and connect them with the skewers.

Step Two: Connect each of these corners together with another Peep (creating a pyramid)

Step Three: Slide your rubber band over the top of the pyramid.

Step Four: Tape a plastic spoon to another skewer and slide it through the top of the rubber band. Attach it to the bottom Peep.

Step Five: Load and Launch!

Catapult with Peeps and Candy Hearts

This was seriously so much fun! Normally, this is where I give you a big background teacher explanation and I tell you about the science behind it. But today, this was just fun. We talked a ton about potential and kinetic energy, and we tested many different ammo choices, but I think this one is best left as something you should figure out for yourself!

Engineering for Kids with Peeps Catapults

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