Soap Experiments for Kids

Welcome back for another STEM Saturday! Today is a special edition for a few reasons. First of all, we are back to posting! Boy did we miss chatting with you and telling you about our day. In addition, today we are sharing some really fun soap experiments we did to go along with our Clean Mud post today. Be sure to hop on over to check out all the amazing recipes.

cool soap experiments

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Setting Up Soap Science Experiments for Kids

Soap Experiments


Various types of Soap (including Ivory)
Cups/ Containers

Magnifying Glass
Chart paper

My boys were really excited to try Clean Mud but wanted to know why it works and why we would want to put soap in our recipe. We decided to to slow down and take the time to find out more about the soaps and see the similarities and differences.

To begin, made a chart to record our observations on and we filled 4 cups with water and labeled the cups with the tiles of each oils.

Making Observations of Soap with Kids

Observing Soap

We talked about how each soap smelled. How it felt. What did the soap look like? How were they the same? How were they different? What initial observations did they have about the soap they were presented.

Before I opened each soap, I had them predict what they thought the soaps features would be. I explained how they were using their schema (what they already know) to make informed decisions. It was really cool to hear my oldest tell me about all his experiences with soap that I had no clue he even remembered.

Making Observations with Soap

We took notes of all of our findings and now we were ready for our explorations.

Does Soap Sink of Float?

Does Soap Float or Sink

What do you think? Why do you think that? Make your predictions before you keep reading!

Does Ivory Soap Sink or Float

Are you ready to see what happened? The boys were floored! You might be too!

Does Ivory Soap Sink

Ivory soap floats!!! WOW! Why? This is a great discussion to have with the kids. You can talk about density, what causes items to be dense and what effects that has on the items properties.

The boys noticed some other changes almost immediately…

What happens to soap in water

The water started to change. While it wasn’t what we thought we were going to do, the boys marked the time and decided to keep track of how long it took to dissolve. They predicted that it would take 3 days to dissolve. We will see if they are correct.

Next it was time to see what happened when they microwaved the soap….

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  1. Amanda

    I make soap as a hobby. You can make soap that floats by whipping the soap batter. This whips air into it making it float. I’m not sure if that’s how Ivory does it though.

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