Kid Made Valentine’s Day Pendants

A couple of months ago we got this new dough from Melissa & Doug and ever since we have been in love. I have to actually hold the boys back from using all of it in one setting because they love it so much. Today, I am sharing our simple kid made Valentines Day necklaces that the boys made. I am pretty much in love with them and can’t wait until I get gifted one of them.

Kid Made kid made valentines day necklaces

These simple heart pendants are so quick that you can make up an entire batch for everyone in your kids class or all of the family members you know. Your kids will love making them and you will love wearing them… its a win, win.

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Simple Kid Made Valentines Day Necklaces

Heart Pendant for kid made valentines day necklaces

Do you have a favorite kid made valentine you like to make with your kids? If you are looking for a few more ideas, here are some to get you started.

Simple Heart Pendants for Valentines Day

More Ideas for Kid Made Gifts

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    I can’t click to read more. I’ve tried in two different browsers on my laptop.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thanks for the heads up. The link has been fixed!

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