Fabulous Flour Sensory Bins

We are excited to be part of the 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers Series hosted by Little Bins for Little Hands. As many of you know, we love, love, love sensory play around here. So it was a no brainer when the opportunity came around to be part of this series. Today I want to share one of our favorite sensory fillers: FLOUR! The best part of this series is that other bloggers will be linking up their fabulous flour sensory bins, so you can find fantastic ideas all in one place.

Flour Sensory Bins


Flour is a Simple Sensory Bin Filler

With as much as we love sensory play, I was anxious to get Super B started in the family fun. However, with the 2 older boys and her busy little hands, I needed something quick and easy that could fit in between her naps. I had tried other baby sensory bins with her before, but none of them were “messy”. When she was 8 months old, I was ready to try it out. Flour was the perfect filler as her very first messy sensory bin.

Flour Sensory Bins are Easy to Set Up!

Large Bin
Scoops, Measuring Cups, Funnels, Spoons (optional)

It was that easy… I just put the flour in a big container, stripped Super B down to her diaper (for easy clean up) and let her have at it.

Baby Play in Sensory Bins

At first she was hesitant. She touched it with one finger, then two, then dipped both hands in. She swirled her fingers around a tad, each time looking back at me as if to say “Is this okay?” I talked to her about how it felt, what she was doing, and encouraged her to explore more. I chose to just use flour without any scoops and spoons for this first experience in order to keep Super B focused on the sensory bin for the first time around.

Once she got into it, she really got into it. She shook the bin. The swooshed it around. She explored the textures with her hands and the sounds the bin made as it hit the hardwood floor.

Flour is a Safe Sensory Bin Filler

That’s when things got really fun. You see, no matter what I try, Super B puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. We try really hard to discourage this behavior; especially since her brothers (6 and 8) have legos, trash pack guys, and squinkies left on the floor. That is why I chose flour as her first sensory play experience. She was starting to eat solids and I didn’t think it would hurt too bad if she tasted a tad, but I figured the taste would discourage handfuls being put in the mouth.

Baby Flour Sensory Bins

Of course, she did taste it. And unlike my predictions, she tried to put handfuls in her mouth. As she would put it up to her mouth, each time I would say …

“Not for the mouth, B!”

Each time, I would remind her and show her something to do in the flour.

Funny Baby Faces

I don’t think she liked the way it tasted.  But she did like the way it felt in her hands, between her fingers, and in her mouth. It was a great sensory experience using many of her senses.

Flour is a Versatile Sensory Filler

The reason we love flour so much as a sensory filler, is that it is so versatile. I have shown you what can be done with flour in its simplest form, but there are so many other ways to play and explore flour in a sensory bin.

Flour Sensory Bins roundup

Our Favorite Sensory Bins Using Flour

Baby Safe Cloud Dough

Portable Sensory Bins: Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 

Cloud Dough 

and YOUR Fabulous Flour Sensory Bins!

Have you played with flour with your children? I’d love to hear about it. If you are a blogger, share your post in the linky below! If you are not, be sure to click through to find some great ideas.

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  2. Thank you for hosting! Those facial expressions are absolutely precious!

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