Peep Science Experiments for Kids

Welcome back for another Saturday Science  . Its that season again, where the store shelves are full of those cute little marshmallow friends, Peeps. I have always been so tempted to do  something fun with these little guys, but never have. I never realized how many science experiments for kids could be done with peeps. Today, I am excited to share our first Peep Experiment.

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Observing Our Peeps

Measuring PeepsOne of the most important jobs of a scientist is to make observations. Although this was a silly and fun experiment, we treated it the same as all of our other experiments. I made a quick observation sheet for the boys (ages 6 and 8) and let them explore the properties of the peep.

Before and After Observations Download your free Before and After Observations Record Sheet

Experimenting with PeepsThe boys studied the peeps like little scientists. They tried to be as accurate as possible in their descriptions.

What did the peep look like?

What did the peep feel like?

How big was the peep?

They drew their pictures in the “Before” box and wrote down a few observations they noticed.

Making Predictions

Legoman (age 8) loves the idea of things blowing up! So it was no surprise, that when I asked the boys what experiments they wanted to try on the Peeps, he said he was curious how to get the Peeps to “blow up”. While we haven’t quite blown them up, we did change them. But how?

We talked about different conditions we could put the peeps in…

the refrigerator, the freezer, the microwave.


Next, we had to make predictions about what might happen to our peeps when we subjected them to the microwave. Now, as an adult, I know there are tons of videos on Youtube about peeps in the microwave. However, my boys don’t know this yet and I didn’t show them (yet). I wanted them to make their own predictions. What do you think will happen to them?

Microwaving PeepsConducting our First Peeps Experiment

The boys had so much fun observing the peeps in the microwave. We put them in for 30 seconds and kept a close eye on them. Be sure an adult supervises this part of the experiment.

You can hear their excitement!

Collecting Our Data

Now that we had seen what would happen, we needed to be like real scientists and collect our data. The boys went back to their observation sheet to record their findings.

Peep Expansion- Science ExperimentThey measured. They Touched. They observed.

Stretching Peeps ExperimentThey stretched. And even tasted.

It was so much fun to see the changes that occurred in the peeps. We talked about why that might be happening and talked about what we noticed. We compared our data from before and after.

The one thing I love most about science, is the fact that it always leaves you wanting more. The boys weren’t done here. This experiment just led to more questions, more research, and more discoveries.

With just a little more time in our night, we tried one more experiment, to see if we could get our peeps to “pop” by playing a game of Peep Jousting.  Ours went terribly wrong, but science is cool like that, and you can still learn from your failures.

Further Explorations the boys want to do with peeps…

What happens to peeps in water?

Do peeps sink or float?

What liquid will dissolve peeps?

What happens if you mix peeps together?

What happens if you microwave them longer?

How big can you make a peep?

I won’t spoil all the fun… I’ll let you explore on your own.

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28 thoughts on “Peep Science Experiments for Kids”

  1. I never knew Peeps offered so much opportunity for science exploration! 🙂 I love how excited they are by watching the Peeps in the microwave – their excitement is contagious!

    1. I agree their excitement is contagious! We really do love peeps. Tonight Bones suggested we put them in a blender with different liquids just to see the “reaction.”

  2. This is adorable! What a great idea! I love the giggling children the jousting video!

  3. Nonna Rita

    I love seeing what project and how you put to good use, those Seasonal items that arrive on shelves quarterly. And by Holiday and How colors change for each season.
    Truly neat ideas and fun learning concepts.

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  5. As always, you rock science. Thanks for sharing in my STEM Tuesday and in After School Link Up. I am adding your post to my Easter Learning round up.

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  26. Love this! Do you have a printable to record observations for the peeps experiment?

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