Finding “Me Time”- A Time Just For You

Finding Me Time

It’s 5:30am.

I had completely forgotten this time existed. I had forgotten how much I needed this “me time”.

In the past, as a teacher, 5:30 was my normal wake up time.I’d set my alarm, get up early and have a brief amount of time just for me.

While I was pregnant, it was all I could do to get the rest my body needed. So, while I still woke early to prepare my household, it was a rush to get everything done. After Super B arrived, my obligations changed. I no longer needed to get up to prepare myself for work outside the home. However, I was a walking zombie until B was 2 months old. Once she was sleeping through the night, I returned to waking up and prepping everything for my family’s day, but it wasn’t at 5:30 and it was like a mad dash to get everything prepared and everyone started with their day.

I had forgotten why I liked 5:30.

5:30 is a time for peace.

As much as I despise getting up early, everyone is still asleep. No one is going to walk in on me in the bathroom, ask me a question while I am in the middle of something so I forget what I was doing in the first place, and no one is going to need me to mediate a problem for them. It’s just me.

Me and my thoughts get to have a date with coffee.

5:30 is a time for stillness.

When I was a teacher I would wake up early in order to make it to my classroom with enough time to hear the silence of a school building. I loved the stillness of an empty building awaiting the energy that was about to burst through the doors. That stillness motivated me to hear my own thoughts, to enjoy the art of teaching, and plan for a day of enrichment.

5:30 is a time for hope.

Whether it’s a house with everyone snuggled in bed or an empty school building brooding with teachers prepping for their students; this time elicits a sense of hope.

Yesterday is gone.

No reason to stress about everything that might have gone wrong. Instead it’s a time to think and hope today will be better. During this time, I am always able to believe “Today will be a good day.”

Today will be a good day Inspirational Quote

5:30 is a time for prepping.

Being prepared is something that gets overlooked. I could have the best plan, the best idea; but if I haven’t prepared myself ahead of time, things can turn sour fast. I have this time to prepare materials for lessons, to get things done in the house I didn’t have energy to do the night before, and I get to prepare myself to be patient, loving and supportive throughout the day.

Because the truth is, I know that when the sun rises and the children begin to stir… I can never be certain what I will be faced with.

For More Resources on Finding “Me Time”:

What is your time for “me time”? How do you make sure you take time to hear yourself think? I would love to know. What is your favorite science activity? I would love to hear!

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Finding Me Time

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original publish date: Nov 20, 2013 @ 6:46

13 thoughts on “Finding “Me Time”- A Time Just For You”

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  3. You sound like an awesome teacher. Being in the silent school building? Who does that??? 🙂 I am a morning person and love to prepare the night before or early that morning – depending on my energy level. These days, I am still recovering from the baby days of my children. My children did not sleep through the night at 2 months… 🙂 But now and then I get these early mornings and I, too, believe the day ahead will be a good day.

    1. You are too kind! I love that you found this post out of the mess we have going on over here! Btw…. my daughter no longer sleeps through the night. She teased me with the early full nights… Now its at least 2 wake ups every night. Aargh. 🙂

  4. Oh, I like 5:30 too! It gets my day started the right way if I’m up that early. I feel so much more prepared and at peace if I have that hour just for me. Sometimes I make my to do list and am productive, but I also really like to just sit in the stillness to prepare my soul for the day. Shoot, it might be my last time to sit all day! Great post!

    1. I completely feel you in every way. I feel so off when I don’t get this time. Last week my schedule and Super B didn’t mix well. I missed having me time. I also talk to my bestie every morning at 6:30. (well if I get out of bed).

  5. I believe I would love 5.30 too from what I read in your post, Dayna. But, unfortunately, all I want to do is cry when I have to get up at 5.30. Maybe going to be at 3.30 has something to do with it? 🙂 I should definitely change my schedules around a bit. Great post!

    1. I wish I could always get up that early, but when I do and I feel refreshed it is such a nice reminder. I had forgottten I wrote this post.

  6. This is such an important reminder! I wake up a little early to have quiet time, and I stay up a little later sometimes too. It’s amazing what a little “me-time” can do!

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