Homeschooling A Child With Special Needs

Do you have a child with special needs at home? Ever wonder about homeschooling? Can you homeschool your student with special needs? Should you? How do you make it work?

Today, as part of the weekly iHomeschool Network’s iHomeschool Hangout series, we’re going to be discussing Homeschooling Special Needs Students. You’ll hear from our experienced panel members about how we are homeschooling a variety of children with special needs. I will be part of the panel to discuss why we started homeschooling, how we manage our son’s sensory needs and answer any questions you might have. (click on the picture below to be taken to the event page)


Join me and other iHomeschool Network bloggers, Jennifer Dunlap and Crystal Brothers, as we share valuable tips and resources for homeschooling families and parents of children with special needs.

Can’t see the video? Click here for YouTube.

The discussion will be live Thursday, at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12noon MT and 11am PT. You can watch later via the Google Plus Event Page or on YouTube.

Want to listen on the go? You can download the podcast version in iTunes or Stitcher for Android users.

Come join in the fun!

For More Information About Our Homeschooling Adventures with Special Needs:

Why Should I Homeschool?

Our First Day Of Homeschool

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Vestibular Input: Sensory Processing Explained

Tactile Input: Sensory Processing Explained

Even if you can’t join in today or you miss the event, I would love to know what questions you have about starting, managing or planning for homeschooling if you you have a child with special needs. I can’t wait to connect with you.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling A Child With Special Needs”

  1. I’ll try to come along! And if not I’ll definitely watch later via Youtube. Interesting topic. I’m hoping to send my son to regular school from September but if it does not go well home schooling would have to be an option

  2. I am SO GLAD you guys are doing this. What a wonderful thing you’re doing.
    Best of wishes! Please feel free to post your sessions at the AUTISM BRAINSTORM FB page when you’re doing your social media ‘schtuff’.

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  5. This was great! It is so nice to hear from all of these ladies. I am planning on homeschooling my little guy who has high functioning autism and is also very bright. Very much like Crystal, we fear he would get lost in a big classroom of other kids. His strengths carry him through, and might mask his weaknesses. We are also concerned about bullying. People are mean, but I don’t think that is a lesson we need to learn in kindergarten.

    One concern of mine that wasn’t touched upon in the video was safety. Especially for those early grades, I would be very concerned about his safety at a public school. He could wander off and get lost. He might misunderstand an important direction and get hurt. Other children could play a practical joke that could end poorly. I think all parents probably worry about these things to some degree, but with a child with autism the worry is doubled. I always feel like an overprotective parent at the play ground, but when my kid takes off running, my calling his name is not going to bring him running back! My little guy would try to run down the slide as often as he might try to go down on his bottom (maybe this is all two year olds though?). He will walk off platforms six feet high, not noticing that it ended. He would walk off with a stranger without a second thought. Just thinking about him on the playground with who knows how many other kids and minimal adult supervision makes me nauseous.

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