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Monthly Goals Finding Balance

Last month, I joined a wonderful group of bloggers for a year-long series on Goals. I was so excited to join them, as I was sure it would do two things… provide a place to find support and encourage me to post regularly. Last month I posted how I set goals with my children and provided a free printable. I told you that my word for the year was about finding Balance. However, I did not share the goals we made because I felt the post would be too long. I thought, for sure, I would have time to write small posts as the month went on and link back to them at the end of the month. I WAS WRONG!

Here it is 2pm on the day the post should go live, and I am just now writing it. Not what I would call Finding Balance in any way. But here I am. So I have toyed with how to write this post up…

  1. Do I play “Catch-Up” and tell you what we did last month?
  2. Do I give you another printable we used to keep track of our goals?
  3. Do I hunker down today and write all the small posts?
  4. Do I just tell all here and give you a massive post to read?
  5. Do I highlight what happened and come back and link up as I get those items posted?

Finding Balance is a struggle for me. It’s why I picked that as my goal in 2014. However, if I want to be successful I need to follow my own advice on setting goals and be Realistic.

I am a sprinter. I am not a marathon runner. Never have been; never will be.

I do my finest work last minute. I pour my heart and soul into what I care about at the moment. It is who I am! It would be unrealistic for me to think that I could find balance in 2014, let alone in January.  It is both my strength and my weakness all wrapped up in one. Therefore, in 2014 I have chosen the word Balance as a reminder of sorts, a way to keep myself focused on enjoying all of the aspects of my life. Each month, I hope to focus on one thing in each category that makes me feel more Balanced, more well-rounded and more peaceful.

finding Balance

Even though I never shared them here, I did set goals in January for each of these areas. I made it a point to follow my advice and set very measurable goals that I would be able to evaluate at the end of the month. When I first sat down to write this post, I was disheartened by all the things I have not done. Everything I didn’t accomplish this month, until I remembered to go back to last month’s goals and compare the progress. I am a visual person so I have made a visual that I plan to use each month to keep track. For email subscribers, I have created a blank printer friendly version as well. (You can choose your own categories and goals.)

January goals for finding Balance

I surprised myself when I revisited the goals I had actually written down. If you read Celebrate Love, you know that I indeed enjoyed a nigh out with Papa Bear and I have made it a specific point to reach out to friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile (I am terrible at this!) I even went for coffee, and took one of my oldest friends out for lunch. Even though I planned to write about each of the other goals in posts but never did, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Things I am very proud of this month:

* We tore out the boys’ closet and turned it into a Writing Center.

* I reorganized the Living Room, Boys’ Room, and Den to be more accessible for learning materials. I am a strong believer that the environment tells us how we should us it. Even the toys are arranged in a purposeful way.

* We went back to making a meal plan using our Zip-List app.

* We created a Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Schedule and updated the Command center with Magnetic boards for everyone. Even better, we are using it daily!

* I have connected with some wonderful projects on the blog including 12 months of Sensory Dough, 100th Day Blog Hop, Project  and Recycle and Create. I am excited for my future series with Northshore Pediatric and The Inspired Treehouse dealing with Sensory Processing.

It’s funny how we work. Or at least how I work. I was so down on myself. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling unaccomplished. Then I wrote them down. I held myself accountable and started to focus on the things I DID GET DONE this month. Each of things I mentioned make sure that I am covering each area of my life equally. Do I have room for improvement? Of course! Do I feel like I am a pro at Finding Balance? No way! But maybe, just maybe I am one step closer.

So now for February…. I plan to continue with everything on my January list but add one more item to each category. I have made my small goals for February and listed them below. I would like to point out that I do have more specific “Homeschool” goals that the boys have created together with me for their learning goals and I have specific “Blogging” goals. However, I want to focus on the little things that will help me with Finding Balance and leave the other goals for another post.

February Goals for Finding BalanceMy hope is that you will leave comments, ideas, and share your goals as well.  Every month I will be post at the end of the month, along with my co-host. Visit their pages, read their goals, and tell us yours.

Together we can achieve what we desire!

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12 thoughts on “Finding Balance: Monthly Goals Link-up”

  1. These are great goals! I often don’t get achieve all of my goals, and I think it’s important to remember that that’s okay. Here’s hoping we both get a lot done in February!

    1. Thank you! I have to tell myself it is okay to not get to all the goals. It is okay for them to change. The point is that I am being intentional. Loved your post and am still very happy you have included me in this series.

  2. I think it is great that you did wonderful with the goals. I did not get all my goals done. But I love the 6 areas that you broke down that work for each of your families needs. I love the health goal that you have.

  3. You did great in January! I like your goals to call old friends and your new goal to write notes. And I agree that writing things down makes such a huge difference. This year I bought a few small notebooks and am using them to help keep me organized.

    1. Oh thank you! It was a crazy month. I am feeling better in February but I don’t think I’m overbooking as much this month.

  4. Great goals! I’m more of a to-do list person. I also have deadlines for myself, which works wonders even if they’re self-imposed. Something about writing it down and knowing you have a limited time to do them pushes you to get them done 🙂

  5. Those are all great goals! I especially love the one about handwritten notes. There is something so much more special about taking the time to actually write than sending a text or email!

    1. I have a friend that is amazing at writing notes and mailing them. I am always so happy to be on the receiving end. I just forget to do it myself.

  6. I’m a daily salad girl too =) Sounds like January was busy and that you accomplished a lot. Wishing you a productive February!

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