Fluency Practice Packet- This Reading Mama

Fluency Practice- This Reading Mama

DIY Fluency BoardsToday I am over at This Reading Mama sharing a quick and easy way to practice Fluency with any age reader. Be sure to check out how to make your own DIY Fluency Boards that are quick and easy to make!

What is Fluency Practice?

Fluency is how quickly, accurately, automatically and expressively someone reads a passage.

In my post you will find:

* How to make DIY Fluency Boards for easy fluency practice

* How to choose the words for Fluency Practice

*Sample Ideas for Every Reading Level

To celebrate my love of reading, I am giving you a free packet of Fluency Practice Pages to use with your DIY Fluency Boards. {Just click on the picture below to download}

Fluency Practice Packet

Fluency Practice Packet

The key here is to practice, practice, practice and build automaticity.

I would love to hear if you try this activity on your own and hear how it went. What will you put in your readers chart? What was their favorite way to read it?

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4 thoughts on “Fluency Practice Packet- This Reading Mama”

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  2. Kim


    These fluency boards are a great idea! I have used similar sheets of words before – but never thought of the pre-reading ideas that you listed. Another idea I have is to put down nonsense phonemes (op, jib,) and read the phonemes outloud – you could just do standard phonemes too for emergent readers. Finally, I hate to mention but on your fluent readers board “courageous” is spelled incorrectly. Just thought maybe you would like to fix! Can’t wait to try these tomorrow!!!

    1. OH MY, thank you for telling me. I will fix that as soon as I can. I am so glad you like them. I would love to know how they turn out and how your readers like them. I like the idea of nonsense words.

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