Hands On Games for Practicing Sight Words

A couple months ago my good friend at Playdough to Plato came out with a fabulous set of Hands on Games for practicing sight words that I could not wait to try out. As soon as I saw them, I knew these games would be fantastic daily sight word practice for the boys (ages 6 and 8). We have been using these games for over a month now, and have even made reading binders I can’t wait to tell you about.

 As part of the Hands On Play Party, I can’t wait to share this great resource for building reading fluency and even have a small giveaway.

Sight Words Reading Binders

Homeschooling multiple ages can be difficult. Not only are my boys 2 years apart, they are extremely different learners. Bones (6) is just learning his basic sight words while Legoman (8) is a fluent reader with a delay in his working memory and processing speed. Both of the boys require daily sight word practice, but they definitely need different sets of words.

I was so excited to try out Playdough to Plato’s 15 Customizable Sight Word Games , especially when I learned how easy they were to customize.

Since pictures speak a thousand words, Malia has pulled together a little video showing you what’s inside. Check it out and then hop over to her Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase your own set for just $9.99. Enjoy!!

I can’t stress how easy it was to create a set for each boy that was specifically designed for each one. After testing the boys knowledge of Sight words and reviewing their journals for common misspelled words, I picked 20 words for each boy. Together, with them, we picked their favorite games they wanted  and I printed them out.

If you are a regular reader here, you know how much we love recycled materials and like to limit our impact on the environment. That is why we turned our pack into a reusable Reading Binder. It’s simple and you can too.

Making A Sight Word Reading Binder

Customizable Sight Word Reading Binders

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( We re-used materials from past projects, but I have included links from Amazon for your convenience)

Three Ring Binder
Plastic Sheet Protectors
Dry Erase Markers
Microfiber Fabric for an Eraser
Customizable Sight Word Pack from Playdough to Plato

After picking your favorite games, print them out and place them in the plastic sheet protectors. You can use them over and over again. For us, we print new games out every few weeks, to give the boys plenty of time to practice with their 20 words.

Sight word games

Now it’s time for the Hands On Play party!


My Favorite Hands-On Sight Word Activity Previous Hands On Play Parties


Silly sentences


I think this Silly Sentence Game from Mothers Madness would go great with this Editable Sight Word Packet.


It’s your turn to show us your Hands-on Play ideas.




Homemade Puffy Paint

{P is for Preschooler}


Rainbow Activities and St Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

{Little Bins for Little Hands}


Favorite Dr. Seuss Activities

{Stir the Wonder}


Please share your great ideas with us!




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7 thoughts on “Hands On Games for Practicing Sight Words”

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  2. Denise

    The silly sentences look like so much fun! I play “BOOM!” with my kindergarten class… you write down sight words on popsicle sticks (or letters, if that’s where the students are) and place them in a plastic container with a lid. The kiddos get to shake it around, then open up the lid and pick a popsicle stick. If they get the word right, they keep it… if they get the word BOOM, they have to put all their sticks back in the container 🙂 Another favorite: sight word snowball fight! Sight words are written down on paper, crumpled up and thrown on the ground. The student picks up a paper, says the word out loud, then gets to throw the “snowball” to another student. Lots of giggles on that one!

      1. Anne

        Hi Ma’am Dayna! You have a great site. I would like to ask if it possible to share with you my Sight Words Playdough Mats. How can I reach you? Thank you very much. 🙂

        1. Lemon Lime Adventures

          Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook. Thank you!

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