From “Failing” as Parents to Thriving with Super Kids – Calm the Chaos Success Stories

Inside: This week’s podcast episode features a few amazing parents who experienced remarkable transformations using the Calm the Chaos system with their super kids. These are firsthand accounts of how they tailored their unique 4-step You-CUE plans, addressing challenges that left even experts saying, “We can’t help you – good luck with this.”

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This week, my dream came true. 

All I’ve wanted since starting my blog a decade ago is to help as many parents like me, parents who were feeling helpless and hopeless, to feel less alone.  To show them that there is a way out. 

And this week, My “Calm the Chaos” book hit the shelves, and I know it can do just that. 

Because the framework has already helped hundreds of thousands of parents move past struggles with their challenging kids and begin to thrive as families.

This week’s podcast episode features some of those amazing parents. These are firsthand accounts of how they transformed their families using their unique 4-step You-CUE plans, addressing challenges that left even experts saying, “We can’t help you – good luck with this.”

You’ll get insight into real-life experiences of moms who used the Calm the Chaos system to:

  • Transform the way they interacted with their kids
  • Totally reinterpret their children’s screen time
  • Manage constant meltdowns
  • Overcome the turmoil left in the wake of a husband’s sudden departure and the loss of all income
  • Put an end to sibling fights
  • Find hope in a previously overwhelming family life

Tune in for the full episode on YouTube and find out how to fall in love with your super kid again!

Voices of Calm in the Chaos

I’m still reeling from the outpouring of love for my new book “Calm the Chaos”.  But the one that sticks in my mind is the Goodreads reviews saying it is not just a parenting book but a road map to a better life.

I can’t remember it word for word, but the gist was this:  

“This book gives every family a way to deal with life. You might even think – my kid’s not that bad, not violent, not getting thrown out of school. Even so, parenting is still hard work. You can apply the Calm the Chaos framework to your life no matter what your chaos is or isn’t.”

I know, I know.  Kinda sounds too good to be true, and I worried people wouldn’t believe it.  Might think I was just trying to sell books.  But then, I remembered Angela, one of our students in the Calm the Chaos program.

We Were Surrounded by Pure Chaos – Angela’s Story

Just a year before joining our program, she was “a walking self-destruct button” (her words). 

She described her kids as being wild, crazy, and out of control. She and her husband were completely stressed out, constantly fighting, and in a cyclone of pure chaos. (A feeling so familiar it sends shivers just remembering.)

In fact, at one point, her husband was like, ‘You know what? I’m out of here!’ destroying her sense of safety.  (Yikes, talk about resonating.)

But in just a year of following the framework, not only did she wrangle back her sanity and feel like she had more control in her life, she was able to bring peace and calm to her family as well.   She went from feeling like she was in a rut she couldn’t even see out of to seeing possibilities for using her skills that she had never seen before. 

Her husband was so impressed with the change that he decided to take a look too, and now he has had the courage to make changes in his life, so now he’s happier and more devoted to his family. 

Angela is one of the moms who shares her experience in this interview compilation. This one is definitely worth a listen!

When Even the Experts Give Up – Leslie’s Journey

While all of these interviews are real gems, Leslie’s story is a must-listen because there are some things you need to hear firsthand. That’s the only way you’ll truly understand that even if the experts throw up their hands and give up on you and your kids:

  • there is hope
  • change is possible
  • you aren’t doomed
  • you’re not alone in this

Like in Leslie’s story… I mean, you couldn’t make it up:

“We’d actually had a social worker working with us for about three or four months. She would come to our house weekly and just stare at us, dumbfounded by how difficult it was to get my kids to do anything. When she consulted her boss, she said, ‘I don’t know how to help them… This mom’s a good mom. She’s not doing anything wrong. She’s tried all the remedies for anxiety and has reached out to doctors…’ They basically looked at me, threw up their hands, and said, ‘We’ve never encountered a situation that’s been so complicated… See you later. Good luck with that.’”

So what do you do when no one around you can help? You search the Internet…, and while Dr Google will usually tell you that you’re doomed, thankfully, Leslie found our little corner of the interwebs and joined Calm the Chaos.

Of course, my program didn’t change her situation overnight. Instead of wondering, ‘Why isn’t my son like other 8-year-olds?’ she concentrated on celebrating the progress he was making, even if that was just putting his school shoes on. 

Step by step, they rebuilt their routines, and life has finally returned to a new normal for her. 

Calm the Chaos helped her better connect with her kids, build trust and get out of the darkness she ended up in when her husband unexpectedly left her with no income. 

Her boy started going to school again, and she was able to get a job… and just a year earlier, this was almost unthinkable for her. 

There’s a Way Out

And this is all she achieved just sticking to the Calm the Chaos framework and creating/applying You-CUE plans that she adapted to her family’s needs. 

Leslie is just one of many parents who’ve made massive progress towards thriving with their super kids through the Calm the Chaos framework. 

In this episode, they share everything: 

  • the exact plans
  • what they said and did
  • how it worked
  • the small steps forward they recognized along the way

Because these women proved it was possible. Regardless of their kids’ diagnosis or life circumstances, or whether they were single or their partners were on board or not, they not only survived but started truly thriving.

In a nutshell, these are parents once deemed ‘failing’ who turned into real parenting heroes.

And they are here to show you you can definitely get out of your own chaos too. 

So tune in to hear their full stories and remember,

You’ve got this!


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