Fun and Safe Water Play Ideas for Toddlers

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The weather is warmer which means pool time, lake outings, and water play. If your toddler is anything like mine, she can’t stay away from the water. This can be fun but it can also be a little nerve wracking. Along with some super fun water play ideas for toddlers, I’ve gathered some tips for keeping your kids safe this summer! Fun and Safe Toddler Water Play

Fun and Safe Water Play Ideas for Toddlers

Turn your backyard into a water park with these awesome activities and obstacles!

Why not play in the bathtub for some year-round water fun!

We love adding water beads to the bath!

Can’t make it to the ocean? Turn your backyard into a mini ocean with this fun ocean sensory bin!

Toddlers will love adding all of these fun items to the water table and getting wet this summer!

Before you head to the pool with your toddler, you can use this toddler lesson plan to help you teach water safety.

My toddler loves playing with water outside the pool with a simple water wall like this one.

Adding things to the water in a kiddie pool is always fun too! You can add balls to the pool for this fun activity!

If it is super hot outside, you could even try adding colored ice to the water!

Bubbles!!!!! What toddler (or big kid) doesn’t love bubbles!

Finally, what about tossing in your animals and toys and having a animal wash complete with bubbles!

Safety Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Safe Around the Water

Sometimes water play isn’t just in a bucket, a tub or sensory bin. Sometimes its in a pool or at a lake and safety has be taken into consideration. Here are our top 3 tips for staying safe this summer around the water! Water Safety Tips for Toddlers

Tip #1 | Never Swim Alone

We make it a point to teach our children to never swim alone or enter a pool area without an adult. This is super important, since it only takes a second for your child to slip into the pool. I know it seems like everyone knows this tip and they most likely do, however this simple tip can save lives and keep your children safe. As silly as it sounds we like to play role-playing games to practice what we might do in a pool area. For instance we are playing in the backyard with our ball and the ball goes in the pool. What do we do? Do we jump right in, or get an adult to help us? Toddler Water play Puddle Jumper

Tip #2 | Wear Appropriate Gear

We have found the perfect solution for staying safe around water. We use our Stearns puddle-jumpers that we found at We love how they fit around our little one’s body just perfectly and help her learn appropriate swimming techniques. Puddle-jumpers are Coast Guard approved and give us a peace of mind anytime we are around our parent’s pool or on vacation. They pretty much go anywhere with us. Toddler Pool Safety

Tip #3 | Water Rules Rule!

We make it a point every year to establish and review our water rules. We love to make fun posters and get the whole family involved. That way when we get ready to play we are focused on having fun and we can have a peace of mind know that everyone is prepared and knows simple rules such as “no diving,” “stay away from drain covers,” “swim with a buddy” and “walk please.” Water Safety with Toddlers    What are your favorite things to do with your toddler and big kids in and around water? I’d love to hear! To learn more about Puddle-Jumpers and get your own set, you can visit There’s just no reason to leave that peace of mind to chance.

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  1. Dorothy

    I wouldn’t let my infant/toddler play with sharp objects, or objects that could stab them in the eye, etc., like the ones you suggested…. toothpicks, straws.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      You don’t have to! 🙂 These are just suggestions. Use your discretion.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      You are very welcome and thank you for the kind words!

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